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6 Ways To Do Digital Detox

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Technology could actually contaminate our lives, especially if our lives are overloaded with it. If we think that the digital technology has become a toxic part of our lives; it is probably the right time for digital detox or digital cleansing. The idea is, we should clear or mind from information overload and over stimulation.

We should regain the healthy feeling and we need to restore the balance of our lives. It is suggested to reflect how we interact with the technology. But why we should do digital detox? It is just plain and simple. Digital technology is a good thing, but having so much of the good thing, won’t be a good idea.

1)  Digital intoxication:

It may occur if we have used too many digital implementations for unnecessary things. With a 48-hour digital detox, we should be able to allow our mind and body to rest more. We should be able to do so many relaxing and fun things, by being fully disconnected. Here are things that we should do:

2)  Choose a proper time period:

As an example, we may need to cut back on our digital stimulation for the whole weekend. This is a good time period for us to start a regular digital cleansing. In this case, we should choose a realistic and doable time period.



3)  Decide on the proper terms:

Before we do any of this, we should know things that can be demanded from our lives. As an example, there are times when the use of phones and email are essential. It’s actually quite rare for us to be completely phone-free, but it can still be possible for a complete digital cleansing. It’s better to compromise on proper terms; instead of letting ourselves to become continuously intoxicated digitally.

However, we could become fully disconnected by camping in places with no mobile coverage, although this can be more difficult, due to pervasive digital encroachment in many areas.

4)  Eliminate temptation:

We should limit access to digital activities. Instead of removing Facebook and Twitter apps from our phone; we should simply leave our phone home. Just two decades ago, many people were able to leave home without mobile phones, so why we can’t do the same today? There’s no use to go camping in the wild, if we are still bogged down with so many digital devices.

5)  Tell others about our intention:

We should tell others that we are detoxing. We need to announce this on Facebook and Twitter. To make things simpler, we could simply say that we will stay outdoors for a couple of days during the weekend and we won’t be reachable, because we will leave our digital devices at home.

6)  Just do it:

We should just do it. Go camp at the wild and leave our digital devices at home. The impulse of using digital technology could drive many people crazy. Instead, we should use our senses to reconnect with the nature; such as smelling the flower watching sunset from the top of the hill and cooking at open fire in the camp.

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