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6 Signs You May Have A Deviated Septum

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Having a deviated septum is more than just minor aesthetic irregularity. In fact, it is something that can seriously lower your overall lifestyle quality. Seeing how your health comes first, this is not a thing that should ever be allowed if there is anything you can do about it. However, before you take any step, you must know that what you are facing is deviated septum for sure. In order to help you with this difficult task. Here are 6 signs which indicate that what you have is indeed a deviated septum

Difficulty with Breathing

Although this sign is not conclusive on its own, those with deviated septum will most certainly feel difficulty in breathing. A nose without such issues allows a free flow of air so any issue on this side, simply must cause a potential problem. Things get even worse when one is faced with allergy or even cold. Sure, from time to time everyone might encounter a difficulty in breathing, however once these difficulties become a common occurrence, you might want to check whether you have a deviated septum.

6 Signs You May Have A Deviated Septum


The greatest problem with this symptom is that there are many other issues that may cause a nosebleed. Still, if you experience regular nosebleeds alongside some other symptoms on this list, it will be a clear indicator that you have a deviated septum. Seeing how motion of air through your nostrils is made significantly more difficult due to deviation, your nose will become significantly drier. Now, add an increasingly difficult air turbulence to the mix and what you get will be regular nosebleeds. Even without some other troubles, constantly having to worry about bleeding from your nose can be annoying beyond belief. Not having to deal with this, will be a vast improvement on its own.

Difficulty Sleeping

In time, deviated septum will cause you a whole world of troubles which shows some serious inclinations to disrupt your sleep. Now, lowering the average quality of your sleep can harm literally every single aspect of your life. Needless to say, this is not something that should be tolerated and when it comes to this, most people go for rhinoplasty. A fear of procedure this minor is nothing compared to all the difficulties that they otherwise experience due to their ailment. Preference of sleeping on one side over the other is yet another symptom.

Cold Symptoms

If, by any chance you start experiencing symptoms of cold without any particular reason, your deviated septum might be the cause of this as well. Post-nasal drip is what is colloquially called a common cold. Unfortunately this can also often be caused by a deviated septum. The greatest difference here is that cold can be cured with proper medication while if dealing with deviation this will not be the case. If ever you encounter these symptoms and every medical solution fails, it might not be a common cold after all. In this case, you should go to the doctor as soon as possible.

6 Signs You May Have A Deviated SeptumHeadaches and Facial Pain

In some cases of severe deviation, nasal septum might even touch the outside wall of your nose and in this way cause you a no small amount of pain. From common headaches to some serious facial pain, this is one of the greatest difficulties that this ailment can bring. In some extremely rare cases the pain can be almost unbearable which is one more reason not to underestimate a deviated septum.

Loud Snoring

Finally, some of these symptoms you won’t be able to spot on your own. So, if others mention that you are snoring loudly while sleeping, you might want to check your nose for deviation. Even though there are many other potential reasons, there is a high chance that deviation is the main cause. Now, even though this might not affect you directly, for sake of people sleeping next to you, you ought to check this out as soon as possible. This selfless act (even though it brings benefits to you as well), will most definitely not go unnoticed.

Regardless of how routine and how safe a procedure is, some people may still have doubts. However, when one seriously takes into consideration all the risks (which are almost non-existent) and all the benefits that solving this once and for all brings, the choice is more than obvious. By keeping eye out for these 6 simple symptoms you can easily identify a deviation in your septum and from this to total healing, there is only one simple step.

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