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6 Right Food Choices For Healthier Hair

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No one can deny the fact that hair is a big deal for all.

Being considered an important attribute of a person’s appearance affects the overall personality. When it comes to appearance, both men and women are equally concerned about their hair.

Hair- how are they Affecting the Personality of a Person

No matter your age or culture, hair has been a symbol of beauty for men and as a market of male masculinity throughout the arc of history. Not only the presence but the colour, style, volume, and texture of hair still have their significance.

Particularly, the presence or absence of hair makes a difference. In the fashion world, from ashy or blonde hair colour to the shaved heads, hair is considered a thing. Over time, our hair got changed just like our bodies. Whether you blame ageing or the style statements you were previously obsessed with, hair health suffers.

Common Hair Fall Causes

Though these hair changes are not only limited to the change in hair colour or texture but also take in hair fall. I know, hearing about hair fall can make you feel uncomfortable, and believe me no one likes it. Hair fall has many responsible causes behind it. Some of the potential causes of hair fall as revealed by one of the top trichologists in Karachi are;

– Family history of hair loss- the condition can result in both male and female pattern baldness

– Daily life stresses that become unmanageable

– Excessive hairstyling and harsh treatments

– Radiation exposure to head

– Side effect of medications

– Medical conditions and any possible hormonal changes in the body.

No matter the age of a person, everyone wants strong hair. Two factors certainly affect our hair quality and growth, including diet and hair care. I know you must be aware of using aloe vera to improve your hair texture but do you know what foods can affect the hair health of a person?

If you are also wondering about these hair healthy foods, I suggest you go through the following section.

Right Food choices for your Hair Health

Some important hair healthy foods one should consume are;

1- Eggs

Primarily, eggs are considered important protein sources but do you know egg consumption can also improve your hair health. The two ingredients present in the egg including protein and biotin can positively affect the hair health of a person. Just as protein, biotin is also known to strengthen hair structure by aiding the production of keratin (basic hair protein).

2- Spinach

Spinach is a green leafy vegetable usually considered important due to its rich nutrient profile. Nutritionally speaking, spinach contains several important nutrients including vitamin A, C, folate, etc. and all of these nutrients can promote hair health. Moreover, spinach is a good source of plant-based iron that is essentially important for hair growth.

3- Fatty fish

Fish meat is one of the most nutritious food sources on earth. Particularly, fatty fish contains omega-3 fatty acid. Omega 3 fatty acid is known to improve hair health as well as the deficiency of it is one of the leading causes of hair fall. Other than fish meal, fish oil or fish oil supplements are also used to boost hair growth in women,

4- Avocados

Most of us like the flavour of avocados but do you know that the consumption of avocado is good for your hair health too. Avocado is a rich source of vitamin E and C both of these can protect from hair damage. You must have seen people consuming vitamin E supplements for boosting hair growth and that’s exactly how avocadoes work for your hair.

5- Seeds and nuts

When it comes to improving hair health, we can’t deny the role of seeds and nuts. Seeds such as flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, etc. are rich in nutrients and can be added to the diet in moderation to enjoy maximum health benefits. Other than seeds, nuts such as almonds provide good enough vitamin E, B, zinc, and other important nutrients that are needed for your hair growth.

You should always consider the number of nuts because they are quite rich in nutrients and can lead to potential weight gain if they exceed your upper-calorie limit, as revealed by a renowned hair specialist at Al Khaleej clinic for hair transplant.

6- Sweet peppers

Sweet peppers are the rich sources of vitamin C that can help to promote the growth of hair as well as can help to boost immunity. Moreover, vitamin C also can fight oxidative stress ultimately improving your hair growth.

What are the other practices that can improve your hair health?

Though diet plays a key role when it comes to healthy hair, we can’t deny the importance of other practices. Some of the other practices that can improve our hair health are;

  • Your shampoo choice- The shampoo you use to wash your hair impact or hair health. Although the choice of shampoo is solely personal you should always consider your hair type, texture, your outdoor exposure, or chemical allergies while choosing the best shampoo.
  • Condition your hair accordingly- Generally, conditioner is used to improve the texture of your hair and make them more manageable but the choice of the condition is as crucial as the choice of the right shampoo. Whenever you are choosing a shampoo or conditioner, don’t opt for the cheap option rather go for what goes best for you
  • Comb routine- Another important factor that can improve your hair health is your combing practices. How often you comb your hair, the way you comb your hair, and the type of comb you use are the factors that are collectively affecting your hair health.

Bottom Line!

Your hair is crucial to your overall personality. Everything you eat, apply or opt for your hair directly affects the strength and quality of hair. If you want to enjoy healthy hair, ensure that you follow a proper hair care routine and a nutritionally adequate diet because happy hair is happy for you!

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