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6 Reasons Environment Friendly Housing Is Preferred Nowadays

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Environment friendliness is becoming the norm these days. With more and more technology infiltrating the construction business it is becoming a norm that the house these days are very environment friendly with energy friendly designs and features that are designed to make them green homes.

6 Reasons Environment Friendly Housing Is Preferred Nowadays

  1. Reduction in Electricity Bills

These houses are typically designed in a way that they are well ventilated and yet at the same time made from material that is a good insulator. This means that the house does not need a lot of electricity for cooling down or for heating up. This way the house pays for itself by saving on electricity bills.

  1. Lower Water Bills

The water bills in an eco-friendly house can be very low. This is mainly because these houses use the latest technology to recycle waste water. The water from the kitchen is used for toilet flushing and at times also for the garden. This way a precious resource like water is conserved and the water bills are greatly reduced.

  1. Natural Sunlight and Fresh Air

The ventilation in the eco friendly houses also ensures that the homes are well ventilated and there is always fresh air circulating through the house. Not only does this rejuvenate the person living in the house but is also generally good for health. The natural light also means that the house has a warm fresh vibe and the residents remain active throughout the day. The natural light is also very refreshing and not only this but it also reduces the electricity bills by reducing the need for electric lights.

  1. Tax Advantages

Since these new age homes have lots of environmental benefits these homes also get a lot of tax advantages from the government. The government is taking various steps to encourage people to spend a little extra to build environmentally friendly homes and this includes interest free loans that can help the house owners bear the extra cost.

  1. Solar Power

A lot of eco friendly homes these days have solar power to provide for the electricity requirements of the house. The solar power can not only reduce the electricity needs but also provides a clean and green way to produce power. A house owner can also sell extra power to the state government and earn tax benefits and reduction in regular power bills. This is being promoted through a lot of house owners at granny flats in Victoria that have solar power cells installed on their roof tops.

  1. Reduction in Greenhouse Gases

Since the world faces the problem of global warming it is important that every person and every house contributes to its reduction. The environmentally friendly green home reduces the carbon footprint and the overall amount of greenhouse gases that are produced because of the residents living there. This is why these homes are able to earn carbon credit ratings that hold a lot of value in the international market. This is also good to prevent local weather changes.

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