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6 Health Monitoring Apps You Can’t Afford To Miss

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The conveniences of technology can lure you into a sedentary lifestyle, but that same tech is now offering a plethora of options for improving fitness as well. With today’s programs you can easily track everything from your sleep cycles to your daily steps. Download the right selection of apps to your mobile device and you’ll have all the information, inspiration, and advice you need to pursue a healthier lifestyle.

Endomondo — Track Your Fitness Goals

Endomondo assesses your current fitness level and helps you set goals for staying in shape. It tracks more than 40 activities including running, cycling, golfing, and weight training. The app offers useful stats such as your average pace, distance covered, altitude, duration, and calories burned. Audio feedback offers encouragement mid-workout to keep you going. Social features let you challenge friends and offer support to one another. Sync with MyFitnessPal, Google Fit, and wearable devices to get more out of the experience.

Lose It! — Coordinate Your Weight Loss Efforts

With Lose It!, you can track nearly every part of your weight loss journey in one convenient place. Set your weight loss goal and get daily calorie recommendations to help you stay on track. Log both your meals and exercise throughout the day to see your progress in real time. Nutrient insights and a weight tracker offer useful visuals that help you evaluate your health habits. A smartphone with a large, bright screen like the Samsung Galaxy S6 will help you make the most of these handy charts. Medication Guide — Organize Your Medications

Enter your regular medications in the Medication Guide and stay on top of potential interactions every time you need to take something new. This app organizes your medication list and offers FDA alerts to keep you aware of potential issues. Check interactions with other drugs, foods, allergies, and medical conditions to make sure what you’re taking is safe and effective.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock — Track Your Zzz’s

The Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock tracks your sleep movements throughout the night to determine when you’re in your deepest and lightest sleep phases. Using this data, it pinpoints the best time to wake you up. Since interrupting a deep sleep phase can leave you feeling groggy, this alarm clock waits for lighter sleep to ease you awake. You can set a window of up to 90 minutes for the optimum waking experience. The app also maintains long-term graphs so you can see how adjustments to your schedule, habits, and caffeine intake impact your sleep.

Symptom Tracker — Chart Your Path to Health

If you’re suffering from recurring symptoms, Symptom Tracker can help you get to the bottom of the problem. Log the type of symptom you’re experiencing, its severity, when it occurs, and other notes. Record your medications as well to see how well you respond to each one. This is particularly useful for tracking down a food allergy or getting to the bottom of persistent headaches. The information stored in Symptom Tracker offers a neat and organized file for you and your healthcare provider to assess as you work toward long-term wellness.

Map My Fitness Workout Trainer — Track Your Gear and Stats

As with similar apps, Map My Fitness Workout Trainer logs your pace, route, calories burned, and distance covered. What’s unique to this app is the gear tracker. Tell it what shoes you’re wearing, and it will log your miles in them to let you know when it’s time for a new pair. This helps prevent injuries and keeps your body in great shape for the next workout. The app tracks over 600 activities so you can log progress with virtually any type of workout.

With the right health monitoring apps you can take control of your fitness and wellness in a new way. Track your intake and exercise so you know when you need to add an afternoon jog to balance an indulgent lunch. Log your caffeine intake to learn how to improve your sleep. The options are endless with an app available for nearly every lifestyle.

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