6 Foods That Will Destroy Your Teeth


I am sure you know that candy and chocolates are not exactly good for your teeth. Have you ever wondered what kinds of food are harmful for your enamel and gums?

Sugary foods and acids are damaging for your teeth. Table sugar, also known as sucrose, encourages the growth of oral bacteria in your mouth. Oral bacteria produce acid that destroys your enamel and teeth. Sucrose can stick to your teeth thus making it difficult to remove it even with a brush. Acidic food is another source that encourages tooth decay. Acid simply eats away your enamel making your teeth weak. If you drink enough water after the food you can wash away most of the sugar and acids. Avoid brushing right after you had a lunch with acidic food. Your teeth are porous and brushing would only weaken the natural protective mechanisms of your teeth.

You need to look out for the following foods that can damage your teeth:


Your favourite pickled cucumbers can damage your enamel. The vinegar from pickles is both acidic and sugary. Even though the cucumbers and tomatoes are healthy, the brine is harmful for you. Don’t forget to drink enough water to wash away all the acidic content.