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5 Ways That Make It Easy To Declutter

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Afraid to start decluttering your house because it seems like an impossible task? Set aside the anxiety and organize your house quickly by following these five simple tips.

5 Ways That Make It Easy To Declutter

1. Know Who Can Take What

Most cities and donation centers have rules regarding which items they do and don’t accept. Avoid the frustration of loading your car up with things that won’t be accepted by first learning where you can take which items.

According to How to Safely and Efficiently Get Rid of Your Household Junk, your city’s website should have a comprehensive list of articles that the trash removal system will accept. You can also call your local donation centers to obtain a list of items they do and don’t accept.

2. Clean One Room at a Time

Decluttering an entire house at once can be overwhelming. Avoid giving up on the task before you’ve barely begun by taking the project one room at a time.

For example, space the project out over several weekends, starting with the most cluttered space and working your way through each room. By completing the project in small chunks, you’ll clean each area more thoroughly and will be able to view this as a more manageable project.

3. Use Online Classifieds

What is junk to you may be treasure to another. Rather than donating or throwing away everything, list some of yourunwanted stuff for sale on local classifieds. Several social media sites now allow users to list items for free on their classified pages. Increase your chances of actually selling the items by including photos, an accurate description, and a fair price.

4. Plan Ahead

Nothing is worse while cleaning than to realize you don’t have the necessary storage supplies to complete the project. Avoid the frustration by planning ahead. Do this by deciding how many storage totes you need, which cleaning supplies you currently lack and more. Then, when cleaning day arrives, you’ll be prepared to dive in and stay the course until the job is done.

5. Create a System

After all the work you put into decluttering your house, you’ll want to keep it organized. But, to do this, you’ll need to establish new habits. For example, if the primary source of your clutter was items being put back in the wrong places, create a new household rule that items must be returned to where they were found. A weekly cleaning schedule can also keep the house clean.

Don’t let your home’s clutter get the best of you. Rather, from cleaning one room at a time to planning ahead for cleaning day, get organized about organizing your house to enjoy better and lasting results.

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