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5 Ways Dental Health Impacts Wellness

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You might treat your dental well-being as a separate part of your overall health. Actually, your oral health plays a significant role in keeping the rest of you in good condition as well. Here are five ways that dental health can impact whole-body wellness.

5 Ways Dental Health Impacts Wellness

Strong Teeth

Keeping your teeth strong with proper dental hygiene and checkups is important for several reasons. Strong teeth enable you to speak clearly and effectively, whereas missing teeth or those that are chipped or tilted may impair a person’s speech. Healthy teeth are an important part of your facial structure, so keeping them intact without breakage helps to keep your facial muscles in place.

Oral Issues

Regular dental screenings and effective daily hygiene can prevent or limit the risk of problems like bad breath or mouth cancer. Thrush, herpes, and gingivitis are conditions that may be more prone to develop in a mouth that is not kept clean and free of germs. Canker sores and gum bleeding can develop with poor dental hygiene, which may require medical or dental treatment.

Reduced Bacteria

When you brush and floss your teeth daily as well as maintain twice-a-year dental checkups to catch problems early, your teeth will have a better chance of remaining strong and healthy. Using the dentist’s recommended mouth rinse can help to eliminate bacteria that causes not only tooth decay but also systemic bodily infections if it is allowed to enter the bloodstream and spread to organs like the heart.

Appearance and Confidence

Good dental health can also positively impact your emotional health by building confidence in your appearance and ability to speak clearly and chew food comfortably while around others. Even if you have dental alignment concerns, treatment involving Invisalign could adjust your teeth to make them more attractive and even, thus boosting your self-image. Teeth whitening is another way to preserve a youthful appearance and feel good about yourself in public or private.

Eating and Digestion

In addition to making it easier to chew your food, healthy teeth can also help to prevent food debris from getting stuck between your teeth or under the gum line, where it can cause infection. Evenly-spaced teeth that are in good condition are easier to clean, which promotes better dental health and prepares your food for digestive processes in the digestive tract. Without effective chewing, digestion could become more difficult.

Take care of your teeth in the same way as you care for the rest of your body. Dental health is an important part of overall well-being.

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