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5 Tips to Draw More Customers Into Your Store

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Many businesses rely on repeat customers for a lot of their business. They find their market niche and cater to them as consistently as possible. This allows them to be as good as possible at what they do without being spread too thin. Still, you don’t want to do only that, as you should always be looking to draw more customers into your store any way you can. Knowing just a few tips on how to do that can go a long way towards seeing more people roaming your aisles.

5 Tips to Draw More Customers Into Your Store

Host a Workshop

Depending on what your store sells, there might be lots of different workshops you can host for your customers. Don’t charge anything for these workshops, but offer tutorials on things they might want to know how to do. Chances are, a good workshop will make them want to buy related products before they leave the store. This would also help get the word out about your store and merchandise. It is quite often that word of mouth is much more powerful than any advertising can do.

Join a Local Merchants Association

Chances are pretty good that you’re not the only store in your local area trying to generate more business. Find the local merchants association and join it. If there’s not one, start one. Pool together for ideas you all can use. With a “go-to” group of like-minded people, you can easily refer one another. Businesses helping each other is a great way to build relationships that last long after the doors close at the end of the day.

Update Your Signage

Consumers won’t come into your store if they don’t know it’s open or if it looks appealing. For that matter, they also need to know what it is you sell. Sometimes a simple short general type list somewhere is enough to get people interested. The right signage would let them know all this at a glance. Be sure your signs are also highly illuminated so they can read them clearly when it is dim or even dark. Working with professionals, such as the ones at the Light Shop, can help you meet all these needs. Keep in mind that your sign should go with the theme of your shop, not being overly chaotic, unless that is part of the uniqueness of your store.

Sell Gift Cards

Gift cards work for several reasons. They are great for a quick and easy gift often from a loyal customer to a new one. It helps introduce potential new customers to what you have to offer, and build rapport with them which in turn gets them talking to their friends. People that receive them usually wind up spending more than the value of the gift card they got. Also, you might have people that come into your store that don’t necessarily want what you have to offer but know someone who does. You can still get transactions by association.

Put Up a Funny Message

Make someone chuckle, and their day will be a little brighter. If the sign is funny enough, someone might take a picture of it and post it on social media. That not only gets your store’s name out there, but it also does so in a good light.

A loyal customer base goes a long way towards the longevity and success of a store, but building up that customer base means getting people in the door and is only easier with time. It may start slow, but keep up the hard work and it will pay off in the long run.

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