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5 Things To Consider If Your Kid Is Accompanying You To The Escape Room

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Escape rooms have gained much popularity among adults worldwide. The adventure, adrenalin rush and the fun that it offers make it a choice for not only gamers but common people too, to give it a try. Well, when everyone is trying, why should kids be left behind?

You can take your kid to an escape room game and allow them to have fun and have an experience of a lifetime. But, you should consider the following if you are taking your kid to an exit game.

5 Things To Consider If Your Kid Is Accompanying You To The Escape Room

1.Your kids should be old enough to play the game

Certain escape room games require the kids to be above 12 years of age. Drop the idea of talking your toddler if he/she is below this age as they will be unable to understand what’s going on and you will feel stressed while managing your kid and the puzzles of the game inside the escape room.

2.Allow the kids to actively participate

If your kid is a teenager, allow them to be an active participant in the game. Make them look for clues by properly scanning all the items in the room and then solving the puzzle. This will not only help you in your game, but will also ensure that your kid learn new skills.

3.Let the kid handle pressure

Escape game is all about completing tasks in a given time to unlock the exit door. While looking for clues, one finds much pressure and often people make mistakes due to stress. The trick is to keep calm and think logically. When your child will play the exit game with you, they will understand the importance of keeping calm and patience even during hard times. So, if your kid is among those who panic before the exam, maybe he/she will learn to calm down and take it as a challenge just like the exit game.

4.Teach the value of time

Time is very much valuable these days and from childhood itself, a kid must learn the importance of time. What can be better than playing an escape game for understanding what proper time management is all about. Your child will understand while in the process of the game that if the time gets up, he/she will not get the chance to play anymore and lose the game. Similarly, make them understand this concept that in real life too, once the time is gone, it will not come back.

5.A healthy option

Did you know that taking your kid to the live exit game is indeed a healthy option. I will tell you why? Kids nowadays are always seen hustling on the screens of phones, tablets or laptops. This not only leaves an impact on their eyesight, but at the same time leads to obesity. We all know well that obesity is the root of various diseases. So, take your child to a live escape room game and allow them to run around looking for clues, do some mental work by thinking logically, feel the adrenaline rush, the thrill and most importantly the fun.

These are just a few things you should consider and do not hesitate to take your kid to this amazing virtual game. It will help the child to develop certain skills and believe me this will be helpful for the future.

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