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5 Things About Blogging That Make It A Great Career Choice

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You must stand out from the crowd if you want a fantastic career in any field. Even if you follow all of the “musts,” such as creating a full LinkedIn profile and polishing your CV, you might not be able to stand out in this crowded market. Given the digital era that we live in and we are moving towards having a strong online credibility and an already established system is very beneficial, hence blogging can be a great career choice as not only will you be able to explore more but you will surly learn more as well.

Blogging is one technique to take your professional character to the next level. Here are a few ways that blogging may help you beat the competition. Here are 5 things that make blogging the best career choice. 

Blogging can help you advance in your career

Hiring managers want confirmation that the skills you claim are genuine. You may offer them something tangible to look at by blogging.

Your blog should be up to date and, most importantly, relevant to your field. They’ll wonder what your area of expertise is if you blog about strange, unconnected issues! The goal is to demonstrate how you think, how much you know, and how that can benefit them to hiring managers and recruiters.

Even with insufficient expertise, blogging strikes the point when it comes to advertising your business. Researching and evaluating challenges and solutions in your field demonstrates your dedication and motivation.

You Could (Perhaps) Attract Decision-Makers

Consider this scenario: you write a blog post giving recommendations for a hot topic in your industry, and it gets picked up by the online community. It’s shared on social media, it’s noted in other online pieces, and it’s even noted in certain selected emails.

Decision makers (such as hiring managers or recruiters) may approach you as a result of this exposure. Large and small IT firms are continuously on the search for new employees. When a LinkedIn profile appears good, Netflix, for example, approaches potential recruits. 

Improving Your Network

Yes, networking and going out into the real world are crucial. Networking with people online through groups and forums, such as LinkedIn Groups, is also beneficial. However, there is a limit to how much time you can devote to networking.

Rather, you can attract the proper kind of individuals to you. A blog may help you get your name out there and attract like-minded people to you. On your website, don’t forget to add your social media usernames and contact information. People won’t be able to connect with you otherwise.

Blogging allows you to leave a digital imprint

When recruiters get your CV, what is one of the first things they do? It’s most likely a Google search for your name. And what they see on the results page can have a big influence on whether or not you’re called in for an interview, or even whether you’re offered a job.

  • For numerous reasons, recruiters desire to see a digital footprint:
  • It demonstrates that you are internet/social media knowledgeable.
  • Before an interview, they get to know your talents and personality.

They’d want to hear your thoughts on industry trends and operations. In general, a trail of information demonstrating pride in your work will impress hiring managers and recruiters.

It gives you credibility as a leader

You assist others when you generate material that provides advise, answers, and assistance.

Many employers search for applicants who have the capacity to educate. It reveals not just that you have excellent communication abilities, but also that you like assisting people. Publishing good material in the IT business over time establishes your position as a leader or authoritative person. A hiring manager is always impressed by this sort of leadership.

You may even start blogging as a side career if your site becomes a go-to source for useful information. That is, you can get paid to write for other websites as a freelancer, and you could even be approached to write a book one day. Not to mention a host of additional career possibilities.

One of the important things to consider is niche of the blog, if you choose to make a blog with vast variety of niches i.e news, trends, tech, and business like BlogPakistan, you surely need a pro active approach to stay ahead of the curve. BlogPakistan definitely uses a huge man power to perform the way they are doing. So, for beginning it is usually recommended to you go for micro niche. Narrow down the scope of your blog to a single niche like mobile phone blog just as PricesPakistan.

In conclusion, blogging as a job is a fantastic choice if you want to earn more money quickly without waiting years and be your own boss.

A blogging profession allows you to choose your own hours, work from home, and spend much more time with your loved ones and friends.

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