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5 Signs You Might Have High Blood Sugar

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Diabetes symptoms may occur when blood sugar levels in the body. Symptoms of high blood pressure linked to the thirst, frequent urination, blurry vision, slow healing of cuts, it linked to the increased risk of heart attack.

5 Signs You Might Have High Blood Sugar

Increase in Hunger

This is a common symptom and a large number of people are experiencing, which means some changes in your body that have affected your appetite. And if the blood sugar level is high, this prevents the release of glucose in the cells. As a result, the body has no way to produce the energy we need and it is forced to continue to demand food.

Dry Skin

High blood sugar levels in your body can cause Dry, itchy skin. Poor blood circulation also linked to the itchy skin and dehydration leading to the skin tissues.

Making You Feel Very Tired

When we feel tired, We all tend to blame being tired of a too-busy lifestyle. However, in reality, fatigue can be caused by high blood sugar. The feeling of fatigue occurs because the body fails to conserve and absorb glucose correctly. Thus, energy is not used efficiently, and body cells do not receive the amount of food they need.

Lose Weight

Might diabetes also cause a sudden drop in weight without having a diet or making changes in your diet? If you have high blood sugar. That link to the loses weight in a very short time. Here’s why you lose weight: as a result of fluid loss due to frequent urination, you will not retain them, which leads to weight loss; And large amounts of urine with high glucose levels will make the body use more calories, in some conditions would excess glucose be eliminated in the urine. Doctor’s recommended Type 1 diabetic patients to consume more food If your body fat percentage sounds very low for your height and body.

Blurred Vision

If you sometimes have a blurred vision, this can also be due to the high blood sugar level. Blurred vision occurs due to the dehydration caused by the high glucose concentration. In addition, eye cells deform and lose their ability to focus properly.

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