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5 Reasons You Regain Weight

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Eating too much But exercising too little, weight-gain may also be linked to a medical issue. Some habits that you have after you’ve managed to get the desired body weight can disrupt your metabolism and cause weight accumulation in place. With a little care, The effort you made to lose weight will not be in vain and you manage to maintain the desired weight. Here’s what you need to pay attention.

5 Reasons You Regain Weight

  • Not Enough Sleep

When insufficient sleep is more vulnerable to the temptations of food and snacks will seek to give you the energy you need. The body is tired and slowed metabolism is more unhealthy snacks that you’re tempted to take them threatening figure.

“When you don’t get enough sleep, The body produces more hormone that makes you eat more and less leptin (i.e. A hormone that let you know when to stop eating),” said Amy Shapiro doctor for Redbook magazine, according Eva. ro.

  • Your Metabolism is Slower After you Lose Many Pounds

Theoretically, Burning calories is a lot to do with the body weight given to each person, explain specialists. So now when you look less kilograms scales should know that metabolism is made to burn more calories. “An overweight person will burn more calories during a workout, Because it has a surplus pounds and body will make more effort to set in motion. But after you lose weight, you have to keep in mind your body needs fewer calories, such as combustion will be lower “, experts warn. So if you don’t adapt to the new menu bodyweight pounds will be handed back.

  • Don’t let Bad Habits Return

Even now allows you to eat what you like doesn’t mean you have to give in to temptation every day. This will bring back the lost weight. Thus, the changes that you made in your diet to continue and rarely succumb to temptation. It is important to do your appetite, But is also essential as a return to a healthy diet. Otherwise, your brain will be willing to betray you every time, once you said you’re not on a diet.

  • Don’t Focus on Healthy Food

Unfortunately, a return to the bad old habits is the worst decision for you. So if you want to celebrate the fact that you have won the battle with weight, a burger is not the best solution. The best strategy is weakened after you to focus on healthy foods consumed in normal amounts, without excesses. This will help you maintain a desired weight you worked so long. Create your cravings once in a while, but come back on track!

  • Same Exercise Routine

Training is important to change once you get rid of extra pounds. Just as it is essential to consume protein during the weight loss process in order not to lose muscle mass, Equally important is the adoption of a different exercise to work your entire body. For example, running very hard for one minute, Then opt for 2-3 minutes jogging and so to stimulate muscles. You can take the assistance of a coach who can guide you about exercises.

  • Do you find it Hard to Resist

If you focus on all your energy to resist the temptation of eating a piece of chocolate will not only make you crave for more sweets later in the evening. An easy trick to survive is to not restrict calories to morning meal because it is when the brain needs energy. Thus, you will not stress the calories and you will have more energy to tackle all sorts of culinary cravings occur mainly afternoon and evening. And even if you don’t resist, Taste a little and remove yourself from temptation, Trying to occupy your mind with something else!

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