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5 Reasons Wood Hangers Are Really Better

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When you are cleaning and organizing your closet, you might be tempted to buy some cheap plastic hangers from a big-box store or dumpster dive for wire hangers outside your local drycleaners. Either of these would be a big mistake. Whether you own a clothing boutique or just want an organized closet, when it comes to storing clothing, white wood hangers are the way to go. Here are five reasons wooden hangers really are better.

5 Reasons Wood Hangers Are Really Better

  1. They Look Better

 Few things can ruin the look of an organized closet quicker than wire hangers. Because they bend and tangle easily, wire hangers can give your closet the look of a rat’s nest. Cheap, plastic hangers aren’t much better. Since they are mass-produced without much emphasis on strength, plastic hangers frequently break. Then, instead of neatly hanged clothes, you end up with pieces on the floor. Wood hangers, by contrast, won’t tangle. They also typically don’t bend or break, giving your closet a tidy, organized look. Finally, by choosing hangers that are beautifully designed, you will improve the overall look of your closet or showroom. This is particularly true if all your hangers match.

  1. They Work Better

 Because they neatly support clothing in a natural way, hangers work best when they are strong. Since wire and plastic both sag under the weight of heavy garments, they do not provide the strength necessary to adequately support your garments. Thus, your clothes become wrinkled and messy. Over time, clothing stored in this way lose their shape, essentially becoming ruined. White wood hangers, though, generally don’t sag or bend. Instead, they continue to fully support your garments, guaranteeing your clothing will look great when you are ready to wear it.

  1. They Are Customizable

 For shop owners or those who have unique clothing storage needs, locating the perfect hanger can be a challenge. It might not even exist at all. If you cannot find the perfect wood hanger, you are in luck. The best wood hanger manufacturers offer design centers that allow you to create the hanger of your dreams. For the best-organized closet, combine your unique hangers with traditional wood hangers.

  1. They Last Virtually Forever

 If you have walked through a big-box superstore, you have probably seen the tremendous number of plastic hangers. Since plastic hangers are cheap to replace and tremendously slow to biodegrade, all those hangers will spend thousands of years in a landfill somewhere. Wood hangers are not throwaway items. Their sturdiness guarantees they will last a longtime. Meanwhile, their heirloom quality guarantees you will want to keep them forever. End the cycle of continually buying and discarding cheap, plastic hangers by switching to an alternative that you can have forever.

  1. They Are Cost-Effective

 If you are looking for a cheap hanging solution, you probably can’t beat plastic hangers. Given how flimsy they are, though, you will probably need to plan to replace your plastic hangers frequently. You will also need to continually replace your wardrobe, as your plastic hangers will eventually ruin your clothing. You will pay more upfront for wood hangers. However, when you do a cost-benefit analysis, you will probably discover that wood hangers are more cost-effective over the long-run.

For many reasons, white wood hangers are better than wire or plastic alternatives. If you are serious about having an organized, tidy, beautiful closet, you should go with wooden hangers.

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