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5 Reasons That Lead To Back Pain During Pregnancy

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There is no denying the fact that pregnancy is enjoyed by women like anything because it gives a new meaning to their lives, but it is also true that they have to deal with a lot of pain during this time. Whenever a woman realizes for the first time that she is pregnant, her life begins to change. The entire focus of her life shifts to the baby she is carrying in her womb. You can easily see the care and concern for her baby in a pregnant woman’s eyes, even though she experiences a lot of difficulty during this time.

Back pain, which creates a lot of discomforts, remains one of the most common problems that is faced by all most all the pregnant women. As your baby starts growing, the chances of you suffering from a back pain start increasing. You are most likely to suffer from back pain during the second half of your pregnancy. Your pregnancy back pain starts at a point called Sacroiliac Joint which is a part in your body wherein your spine joins your pelvis. There are two sacroiliac joints in your body which help in joining the lower part of your spine with your pelvis.

5 Reasons That Lead To Back Pain During Pregnancy

So, whenever you experience pain and soreness during your pregnancy, it’s important that you go for back pain treatment in a good clinic. One of the best ways to treat your back pain is to take a physical therapy for it.

We sat down with Anatomix Physical Therapy in Hammond, to discuss about back pain. Now let’s take a look at some of the most common causes of back pain during pregnancy.

Weight Gain Remains The Major Reason of Back Pain 

If your baby is growing at a normal speed, then you are bound to gain anywhere in between 25 and 35 pounds weight during your pregnancy. It means gaining weight is common if you are pregnant, however, the weight that you gain puts pressure on your spine as it has to support it, which sometimes lead to back pain. In other words, because your spine has to support all the weight that you gain, it starts creating lower back pain.

In addition to that, the nerves in the pelvis and the blood vessels get a lot of pressure from the weight of your growing baby, which again creates discomfort for you.  

Pregnancy Changes Your Posture Which Leads To Back Pain 

Your posture starts changing when you become pregnant and you have no option but to deal with these changes in your body. One of the most common problems that you face due to your constantly changing body posture during pregnancy is back pain. Your body posture begins to change when you start gaining the weight and that puts a lot of strain on your back.

Back Pain Also Results From Hormonal Changes 

You body experiences a variety of changes during your pregnancy and hormonal changes are one among them.

Relaxin, a hormone that is produced by your body during pregnancy, is accountable for providing relaxation to the ligaments in the pelvic area. In addition to that, it makes it easier for the joints to become loose so that you can easily deliver the baby. However, it becomes a problem for you when it loosens the ligaments that are accountable for supporting your spine. This creates problems in the spine which lead to back pain.

Stress Leads To Back Pain 

There is no denying the fact that you face a lot of stress when you become pregnant and that eventually leads to muscle tensions. And the muscle tension in your back gives a feeling as if you are having a back pain. Whenever you are too stressed out during your pregnancy, you will clearly see the level of back pain going up.

Muscle Separation Causes Back Pain 

Muscle separation also remains one of the most important reasons for back pain. When you are pregnant the separation of the rectal abdominis muscles create enormous discomfort and pain. The rectal abdominis muscles are those muscles that expand from the rib cage to the pubic bone, and they end up separating when your uterus starts enlarging. When you face such problems you are bound to experience increased back pain.

So, if you think that your back pain is resulting from any of the above-mentioned reasons, it becomes your responsibility to check with your doctor to heal the problem. Nowadays, there are several clinics which offer amazing therapy services to heal the back pain in women during pregnancy.

The best part of meeting a renowned therapist is that they try to understand your medical history at the first place and then offer suitable treatment solutions to heal your problem. Your therapist will suggest you some of the most important exercises that will help you greatly when it comes to staying fit and reducing your back pain.

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