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5 Reasons: Buying New Construction Home Gives You the Financial Edge

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Finance is the centre point of purchase and sale of any commodity. We evaluate every product that we buy on terms of the cost incurred and the service or satisfaction received. However, are we sceptical about finance when it comes to buying a property that we will call our home?

Here are 5 Reasons that can prove that buying a new construction property is financially more sound.


  • Customization refers to your idea of your home. It is rare that your vision of your dream home is the exact architecture of the house that is already owned by some other person.
  • A pre-owned house may not suit your vision and needs. While a builder house can be customized accordingly.
  • For example the window panes, steps or space for the store. Customizing the house after purchasing it may incur more expenses in making the alterations.

The Feelings

  • For some people getting a birthday gift is special because the stuff they receive as a gift is untouched, packed and new.
  • The feeling of “especially for you” can only be felt in the new house. A house that is pre-owned might not give the satisfaction of owning a new house.
  • Even though the amount of money spent in the process is quite high.

Loan and Finance

  • A builder house gets more made-to-order options in getting the property financed as compared to the resale houses.
  • The price of a resale house depends on the owner. Hence, the banks or financing institutions may not give prefer to lend on the basis of individual needs.
  • A broker or a builder can help you with the loan procedures and get you a significant loan amount.

Cost Of The House

  • The builder house involves the cost of construction, the profit margin of the builder and the market value.
  • These factors decide the cost of the house if you buy a new house from a builder.
  • Otherwise, the cost of a resale house involves the market value, the expenses made for the maintenance and the love of the owner towards the house.
  • The direct implication of the factors that influence the cost in case of the resale house can be the increase in the cost. Also, keep in mind the owner might be purchasing a different property and may want to cover the expenses from your pocket.

Cost Of Maintenance

  • A new house may not have the need for roof maintenance, replacement of pipes, the waterproofing requirement and installing modern security systems.
  • A new house is a building that is constructed in the recent time and is equipped with modern facilities like the security, efficient lighting and use of advanced equipment.
  • All these amenities make sure the cutting down of expenses and can assure financial stability.

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