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5 Quick Ways To Get Rid Of Bees

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Do you like being chased by an angry swarm of bees who are ready to sting you everywhere? Your answer will most probably be a NO unless you are a beekeeper wearing protective clothing from head to toe. Sure, bees have their role to play for mother nature but that doesn’t mean you’ll start sharing your bed with them!

If you think that your house has been infested with bees, getting rid of them is the only thing that should be running in your mind. If you have gone through the traumatizing pain that bee stings cause, you’ll understand why sharing a house with them is dangerous. So, don’t keep yourself and your family at risk and say them goodbye.

5 Quick Ways To Get Rid Of Bees

Use these 5 quick ways you can use yourself to get rid of that bee nest in your house immediately –

Soapy Mint water

With some peppermint, you can kill at the bees in their hive and their eggs too. Just take 2 glasses of water, 2 glasses of peppermint castile soap, some boiling water, mix them well and put the solution in the bee hive. Remember to do it in the night as bees are the most dormant at that time.

Vinegar spray

Bees hate vinegar. Period. Use equal amounts of water and vinegar and put them in a spray bottle to spray the life out of all the bees in and around your house.

Sweet soda

Place a bait for the bees. Cut a soda bottle in half and let some soda stay in the bottle and place it near the nest. The sweet smell of soda will attract bees and they will try to enjoy the party, little do they know that they’ll be soon drowning in their own death.  


Placing a bug zapper is always a great idea to get rid of bugs, wasps or bees. You’ll just have to lure them in using some sweet scents. Many homeowners have successfully rid themselves of bees in their house by placing zappers near their hive.


While usage of pesticides is looked down upon to kill ground bees for obvious reasons. You can use insecticides like D-Force HPX or Spectracide to kill bees hiding in their hive up and above.

While it goes without saying that before you try doing any of the bee removal methods listed above, don’t leave your skin exposed in any way and attack when they least expect it, at night time. Cover your body fully with clothes as the bees will surely get agitated seeing a homosapien trying to destroy their home! Or even better, try contacting your local beekeeper as he will be more than happy to take care of the beehive for you.

Don’t want to take the killing in your own hands? We at Bug Pro LLC are happily taking up projects of Bee Extermination in Beebe Arkansas for 18 years now! Contact us today!

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