5 Questions Single Moms Don’t Want to Hear

If you’re a single mom, you’ve probably heard a lot of questions pertaining to your life. Most of these questions come from complete and total strangers and you probably wonder why these people are so uncouth.

If you are not a single mom, you’ve probably asked single moms lots of questions about their lives. These questions are quite honestly, none of your business. First of all, if a single mom wanted you to know about her business, she would tell you. If you have not asked personal questions to a single mom, don’t start, and definitely don’t ask any of the following questions.

“Who/Where is the daddy?” Who really cares who/where is the daddy? Mommy is there doing her job and she is evidently coping with the fact that daddy isn’t in the picture so why do you care? Don’t ask the question. If she wants you to know, she will tell you.

“Where are your kids tonight/who are your kids with?” This one usually gets asked when the single mom is out on a date, out with girlfriends, or just out at the grocery store. This is rude and most single moms feel that it is nobody’s business where her kids are. It implies that the single mom never has her kids, but let’s look at a realistic picture: The kids are with a babysitter because mom has been with said kids for the last two weeks straight. The mom doesn’t want to take the kids to the grocery story because they act up. Just because you don’t see the mom with her kids whenever she is outside the home does not mean she is not ever with them. She may just not take them with her so she can get a break when she leaves.

“Do you get child support?” Obviously, she is getting money from somewhere or she wouldn’t be able to feed her kids. Does it matter how she makes/earns/receives her money as long as the kids are being well-fed, housed, clothed, and loved?

“Did you get pregnant on accident/purpose?” Teenage mothers will get this question quite a bit because no one ever asks this to a married woman. It’s assumed by most people that married women plan their pregnancies. Whether planned or not, the mother made a choice to give birth to her child, raise it, and overall accept the responsibility.

“Why did you get pregnant so young/how old were you when you got pregnant?” This is equivalent to asking a woman’s age. You just don’t do it. If she wants you to know, she will tell you.

The fact remains that there are children on this earth brought into existence by moms. Whether the moms are single or not, don’t disrespect them by asking them any of these questions.

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