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5 Of The Best Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction

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Erectile dysfunction is a common sex issue that affects most older couples. People with erectile dysfunction have the challenge of maintaining a firm erection during sex. However, there is no need to worry as there are various treatment options for this condition.

For best results, it would be best to work with your doctor. Once you visit your specialist, they will discuss the various treatment options and help you select the suitable one for your condition. It is essential to note that the selection of an erectile remedy is an individual decision. Let’s go over some of the best treatments for erectile dysfunction.

5 Of The Best Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction

Penile Injections

One of the best ways to treat erectile dysfunction is through approved penile injections, such as the alprostadil drug. This drug is directly injected into the penis, triggering erection automatically.

If you don’t find “at home” treatment effective, then penile injection might be your option. Penile injection side effects include priapism and a burning sensation.

Surgical Implants

If drugs fail to treat your erectile dysfunction, you can fix your erectile issue through surgical implants. One of the main surgical implants is the malleable prosthesis that helps direct your penis into an intercourse organ.

The other surgical implants option is an implantable pump. Your doctor will place this pump inside your penis, which you will use to create an erection manually. These two treatment options have risks of mechanical failure and infections.


Not everyone likes injections, while others are unwilling to use the alprostadil self-inject treatment. In such a case, you can choose this dissolvable pellet that you directly insert into the opening of your penis.

MUSE will help you trigger an erection for about10 minutes, however, MUSE treatment can have unpleasant effects, including bleeding, burning, aching sensation, and redness.

Sex Therapy

Typically, erectile dysfunction is a result of low blood flow in the penis. The medications help you have adequate blood flow in your penis. But these medications can’t treat erection dysfunction caused by anxiety, fear, or similar feelings.

If your erectile dysfunction results from fear, anxiety, poor relationship, depression, or stress, your specialist may recommend sex therapy and ED treatment drugs. Sex therapy can be for both partners, or you can choose individual therapy with a sex health professional.

In conclusion, generally, erectile dysfunction is a treatable condition. However, be sure to disclose any underlying health condition once you visit your specialist. Feel free to discuss any emotional or psychological issue with your counselor. This will assist them in administering a suitable treatment option for your ED condition.

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