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5 Home Exterior Design Ideas To Improve Your Property Value

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Whether you are looking to sell your home or just want it to look its best, pursuing some home renovations is always a good idea. Along with improving the looks of your home’s exterior, these projects will also add tremendous value to your home, often increasing its potential resale value by thousands of dollars. But with many projects from which to choose, you may be having problems deciding which ones are best in terms of increasing property value. To help you with this, here are five popular design ideas to consider.

5 Home Exterior Design Ideas To Improve Your Property Value

Update Your Landscaping

If you think planting a few flowers, bushes, and trees around your yard will do little to improve your property value, you are wrong. If you get a professional landscaping job on your property, this will not only increase your home’s value, but also get it noticed much faster by potential buyers should you decide to sell.

Remember that landscaping is not limited to the flowers and bushes you plant — it can also include any decorative items, walkways, lawn furniture, and how you arrange your patio area. Work for a cohesive look with all of your different elements. For a timeless look, consider small shrubs along a brick walkway, tasteful neutral color flower pots, and solid trees that grow well in your area, like oak or maple. Just like with any interior design, the more thought and consideration you put into your landscaping, the better it will look.

Install a New Roof

Whether you have a roof in need of roof repair or are in the market for a new one entirely, this is one exterior improvement idea that will also greatly increase property values. If you can, installing a metal roof on your home is a smart option because of their longevity and popularity.

One surefire way to miss out on big bids and offers for your home is to have an obviously worn out roof. At the very least you should have any missing or damaged shingles replaced. The appeal between a new roof and old roof is stark. Additionally, a poor roof can begin to affect the quality of your home’s interior from any leaks that might be occurring over time.

Privacy Fence

In today’s world, homeowners want privacy. If you install a privacy fence that is upwards of nine feet tall, expect to pay an average of nearly $2,500 for a wooden fence. However, you can also expect to recoup your investment very quickly, since these fences pay for themselves in terms of increased property value.

Keep in mind how your fence will affect your yard and landscaping design as well. While chainlink fences are inexpensive, it is more difficult to use them as a design point. It can be cost effective and well within your budget to install a wood fence on your own. Vinyl fences are also becoming increasingly easier to DIY and can be found at most home improvement stores. Regardless of the fence type you choose, installing a fence to give your home some privacy and to show your property lines will easily improve your home’s property value.

Add a Deck

Along with wanting privacy, people today love to entertain friends and family at their homes. If you want to do the same, consider having a customized deck added to your home. Decks aren’t just for multi-storied homes either. If you live in a one story rambler you can still build a deck connected to your home. It obviously won’t have the same height as some other decks, but can still help in making your yard feel bigger and creates an obvious space for entertaining company.

Considered excellent investments, customized decks can cost close to $10,000 depending on their size and complexity. But once finished, your home’s value will increase by at least the cost of the deck, and likely much more.

Replace Garage Doors

If your current garage doors are older, consider replacing them. Most people don’t realize that garage doors and particularly garage door motors do wear out over time. These items need replacing just like many other things in your home. When you replace them you’ll be faced with a variety of style options. You can also consider installing taller garage doors if you are thinking about purchasing a much larger vehicle. Oftentimes replacing your garage doors is a smart investment. By doing so at an average cost of $3,600, you’ll recoup 98 percent of your investment just from this one upgrade.

No matter which of these upgrades you choose, the good news is that your property values will increase while also giving you a beautiful home along the way. You don’t need to tackle all of these exterior design ideas at once, but choosing to update even one of them this year can prove to be a great return on investment over time.

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