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5 Holy Grail Items To Restore and Flip When Estate Sale Shopping

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Restoring and flipping items purchased at an estate sale can be quite lucrative, but only for those investors who have a good eye for value. Picking up a promising item only to find out later that it may be of little to no real value can be an expensive and frustrating misstep. Knowing which items are more likely to retain their value or which purchases may provide a superior profit when sold can make all the difference.

5 Holy Grail Items To Restore and Flip When Estate Sale Shopping

Designer Items

Designer labels are always worth a second look. Even designer garments or items that may not be in the best overall condition can still be a worthwhile purchase. Knowing, in advance, which labels to look out for means that you can more easily pounce on any deals or bargains that may turn up at your next sale.


Automobiles can be a bit of a mixed bag. While even an older-model vehicle can still fetch a hefty price when sold, the time, effort and expense needed to restore a vehicle that has fallen into disrepair can lead to no end of problems. While vintage vehicles, classic cars and collectors items may be worth the hassle, mundane commuter vehicles may prove to be more trouble they they are worth.


Boats and watercraft can also be a goldmine, provided you know enough to choose the right one. Assessing the state of a boat can be a little tricky, but paying close attention to details may net useful insight. For many boat owners warehouse cleaning products and the other supplied needed to perform routine maintenance and upkeep can be an important concern. Lower quality products and generic cleaning products may denote that boat maintenance may not have been a top priority for the previous owner. You may strip the boat away from the protection and by using boat specific products you will be able to flip an older boat to something worth a pretty penny.


Jewelry made from gold or precious stones is always a smart buy. While quality items and pieces may be worth much more than their component items, even poorly made jewelry is usually still worth something. Jewelry can also be repaired and restored more easily than many other items you might be considering.

Art and Antiques

Fine works of art or quality antiques are another items that may be quickly flipped or able to turn a tidy profit at sale. Paying for a professional appraisal is often a good idea, especially when purchasing a high-dollar item. Buyers who lack the education and experience needed to properly asses artwork could end up paying through the nose for a worthless item or overlooking potential treasures.

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