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5 Facts About Indian Masala Tea That Would Make Your Mornings Fresh and Healthy

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Tea is said to be the best solution for many a problems. If you read the literary classical novels by renowned writers, you would find that most of them recommend a cup of tea for every given problem. For Indians, tea has been the perfect drink for the morning since ages. Indians love their morning tea and this is a ritual followed diligently in most households where all the family members get together to have their first cuppa before they set out on their work.

Indians have time and again experimented with this drink to get that perfect cup. In India, though you would find a number of versions of tea, the much loved and renowned all over the world is the Indian masala tea with its varied number of spices that give the drink a very different and refreshing taste. People from all over the world come to India to taste this tea and take samples for their friends back home. Now with online tea shops, you can buy the masala tea online as well.

5 Facts About Indian Masala Tea That Would Make Your Mornings Fresh and Healthy

Though a masala tea is well known and much loved, there are some facts about the tea that are unknown but would actually increase the popularity of this drink. Read on to find out the five unknown facts about Indian masala tea that would make it a healthy and refreshing option for you in the mornings:

1. Anti Inflammatory Qualities:

The masala tea contains a mix of many spices like cloves, cardamom, ginger, tulsi and cinnamon. All these spices are extremely beneficial for various health problems. But when they come together, they create anti-inflammatory qualities, and reduce the discomfort caused from inflammation and at the same time eradicate the inflammation causing factors.

2. Improvement of Digestion:

Tea is acidic in nature and can cause acidity. But when spices like ginger and cloves are added to the tea, they reduce the acidic nature of the tea and in turn improve the process of digestion within the body. Cloves and cardamom in masala tea also improve the functioning of the salivary gland, hence, producing more saliva, which helps the food to quickly move to the digestive tract.

5 Facts About Indian Masala Tea That Would Make Your Mornings Fresh and Healthy

3. Boosts Metabolism:

All the spices when come together form the perfect mix, which ensure that the metabolic processes in the body are improved. This in turn makes sure that the food consumed is properly digested and optimally used by the body, improving the metabolism of the body.

4. Heart’s Best Friend:

Spices like cloves and cardamom in the masala tea play a very important role in reducing the amount of bad cholesterol in the body and increasing the amount of good cholesterol. This ensures that too much plaque is not formed in the arteries of the heart and thus keeps the heart functioning in a perfect manner.

5. Prevents Diabetes:

Masala tea contains spices like cloves, cinnamon and cardamom, which increase the body’s sensitivity towards insulin and hence reduces the level of blood sugar. Thus, masala tea is good for people with diabetes too, as it ensures that their blood sugar does not shoot up.

People devour many cups of masala tea just for the taste but are unaware of the health benefits it has. Now that you know the benefits of this Indian tea, your mornings would be fresher and healthier. You can find good quality masala tea on online tea shops.

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