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5 Easy Ways To Earn Extra Money In College

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College is incredibly expensive, and it is only getting worse. College tuition prices go up annually, and with the way student loans seemed to be rigged against the student, attending any college, from Vermont law school to Virginia Tech, can be a real financial risk. You need a college degree to start making money and to enter your chosen career, but it could put you into a hole of debt from which it seems you can never escape.

Another unfortunate truth about college is that as the tuition costs have gone up, so has the difficulty of completing your degree, as well as finding a job after graduation. Whereas the generations before ours used to be able to pay their way through college by working a part-time job while taking classes, it is now impractical to attempt to earn a degree while working more than 10 or 15 hours. Even with the rising minimum wage, it would be impossible to earn enough to cover even a notable portion of your tuition with a part-time job.

Then there’s post-graduation, where you have six months to get employment or face the wrath of student loan payments bringing your bank account to a number lower than zero. These days, it is nearly impossible to find a decent paying job without years of experience already on your resume, and that is if you have already had multiple internships in your past. If you don’t have a savings account coming out of school, you will be in a world of financial trouble before you know it.

 5 Easy Ways To Earn Extra Money In College

All of that is to say, money is important in college. You don’t have much time or many qualifications to earn it, so you have to be a little creative. Start by using these 5 easy ways to earn extra money in college.

  1. Drive for Uber

If you are lucky enough to have a car while you are in college, it can be a source of income instead of always draining your account for gas and parking tickets. When you drive Uber, you make good money and you get to make your own schedule, perfect for the busy student.

  1. Deliver Food

If you live in a major city, there are likely a variety of food delivery apps you can be a delivery person for, and you don’t even need a car. You can deliver food on your bike or scooter.

  1. Get a Paid Internship

This is a great way to combine two college tasks into one: earning money and getting work experience. You need internships to get a job after college, but you need money to survive.

  1. Get a Job on Campus

Scheduling is always a huge issue with the unpredictable weekly schedule of a college student. Campus jobs accommodate this with a flexible schedule, plus, no commute. There are people who buy college papers online on, so you can write and earn .

  1. Get an Online Job Where You can Telecommute

Companies need a variety of work done for cheap, and they will pay you to do it from the comfort of your home.

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