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5 Cool Reasons To Have Bacon As A Pizza Topping

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There is no doubt that pizza is your favorite delicacy and you love relishing your taste buds once a week. Bacon, another favourite of all just makes the pizza taste awesome. Don’t you think so? Though International Bacon Day is a bit far away, you don’t really need an excuse to delve on your favourite pizza with bacon toppings.

Let me put it like this: Bacon a day, keep worries away! Fair enough? Here, I have listed a few reasons why you should choose bacon as your next pizza topping. If you liked bacon always, but didn’t consider it as a good option as a pizza topping, then the following reasons may compel you to do so. Read on!

5 Cool Reasons To Have Bacon As A Pizza Topping

1.The aroma of bacon is enough to fall in love

A foodie and a bacon lover will understand the true meaning of falling in love with the aroma of bacon. Though there are a number of options on meat as pizza topping, the smell of bacon is very different. While having a bite of your favourite pizza, you can help yourself get lost in the magic of bacon.

2.The amazing taste

No doubt bacon forms the best option as a pizza topping. This tastes incredible in a sandwich or a Mexican wrap and similarly it enhances the taste of your favourite pizza. You can opt for bacon on any meat pizza, including chicken BBQ. Feeling hungry already?

5 Cool Reasons To Have Bacon As A Pizza Topping

3.The most versatile option

Bacon is perhaps the most versatile option on meat. Streaky, crispy, smoked or unsmoked, have it the way you want it! It comes with a number of varieties to suit your taste buds. So, bacon not only tastes and smells good, it also acts as a versatile option just to please your appetite. If you are thinking now whether to order the next pizza with the smoky grilled bacon or the crispy one, let me remind you that bacon goes well with other dishes too like pastas and sandwiches.

4.Bacon is the best fit to these pizzas

If you like to explore various kinds of pizzas, then let me tell you about two unique ones, where bacon just enhances the taste. The first one is the buffalo chicken and BBQ pizza which contains the chicken breast, the delicious mozzarella cheese, spicy buffalo sauce, green onions and our favourite bacon bits. Sounds yummy right? Wait! The second option is yet to come.

Here goes number two- The amazing Hawaiian New york pizza This consists of pineapple, mozzarella cheese and the delicious Canadian bacon.

5 Cool Reasons To Have Bacon As A Pizza Topping

5.Bacon is a special ingredient

If only a bacon topping is not satisfying your appetite, why not use this toppings on unusual combinations? For example you can use some of the bacon from your pizza topping on an ice cream or a cheesecake. Bacon is such an ingredient that goes with all kinds of food and pizza is such a delicacy that it will surely fit in all your moods. You do not require a specific occasion or mood to have pizza.

Ready to order?

Wait let me guess! Your mouth is already watering and you are thinking of the tasty bacon. Aren’t you? What are you waiting for then? Order your favourite bacon pizza and start satisfying your hunger right away!

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