5 Common Scams People Actually Fall For

5 Common Scams People Actually Fall For

Unscrupulous people have devised many devious scams over the years to swindle people out of their money, and the techniques these individuals employ change constantly.

Here are five of the most commonly-employed scams in recent years. These have been used to trap thousands of people. By familiarizing yourself with them you can learn to prevent yourself from falling victim to these, as well as the numerous other scams out there.

“The Nigerian scam” (aka “419”)

One classic scam involves a Nigerian prince or other wealthy person who asks for help in transferring a large amount of money out of the country. The person will offer a huge payout if you are willing to help cover the legal fees and taxes involved in the process.

This scam has been around in various forms for nearly a century, but has survived because of the enticing nature of the offer: huge amounts of money for no actual work. However, you will not see any of this alleged fortune, because it simply does not exist.