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4 Ways You Can Take Better Care Of Your Home’s Exterior

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Fixing up the inside of a house is often more affordable and easier than working on the exterior. Indoors, you can tackle one room at a time and find cost-effective ways to make repairs or change the d├ęcor. The outside of the house is larger and open to view, so it deserves attention and care to keep it looking good with everything working properly.

4 Ways You Can Take Better Care Of Your Home's Exterior


Check your roof every couple of years or following a major weather event that might have caused damage. You can also contact a roofing professional to do a comprehensive inspection and provide an estimate for work that needs to be done. This might include replacing damaged or missing shingles and repairing or installing new gutters and downspouts. The chimney should be examined for signs of wear and tear, including crumbling bricks or a missing chimney cap. Indications of pest infiltrations should be treated immediately.


If the window casings or frames are starting to deteriorate, they should be replaced before moisture seeps in and damages the home’s interior, causing mold or decay. Loose or rattling windows should be tightened or replaced. Cracks or chips might be repairable. Take a look at the window shutters or overhangs for possible damage that requires attention. Remove flying insect nests under protruding window ledges or behind the shutters.


Fix up the front door and main entrance to your home. The porch steps should be intact and in good condition. The porch or stoop should be even and sturdy without evidence of weaknesses or damage, and make sure there is adequate overhead lighting or a front yard lamp post for night-time entry or departure. Check to see that the front door is secure with a weather seal around the door to keep out bugs, rain, and dust. The handrails should be securely fastened without rough edges or splintered wood.


Take a walk around your home’s foundation to check its condition. Look for signs of crumbling blocks or gaps in the concrete blocks and have them repaired. Ensure that the ground does not slope down toward the foundation, which can cause water drainage that might leak into your basement. Check to see if rodents are nesting near the foundation and eliminate them if so to prevent them from invading your home.

Taking care of these important parts of your home can help to keep you safe and comfortable. Check out the exterior every year or as needed to keep it looking great and all aspects working well.

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