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Thesis statements are essential for every essay that means to be impactful on the reader. The statement usually comes at the end of the introduction to your paper. It should present the main idea about the paper, or the writer’s position concerning the subject matter being discussed throughout the paper. The following are some tips that will enable you to write an effective thesis statement.


  1. Position the statement appropriately

For the thesis statement to be fully effective, it needs to be placed as early as possible in the essay. Preferably, the thesis statement should be placed in the introduction if you are writing a short essay. If the essay will be relatively long, then the thesis statement should be placed at the end of the second introductory paragraph. Avoid placing the thesis statement later in the paper or in the middle of a paragraph, because it will be unable to capture the reader’s attention or explain the purpose of the paper.

  1. Make the thesis statement specific

Your thesis statement needs specific in order to serve its purpose. It should be specific, so ensure that there is no air of ambiguity when someone reads the sentence. It is advisable to continue refining your thesis statement as you get a clearer understanding of the arguments you are presenting. In addition, avoid connecting two large statements of the thesis with a coordinating junction such as ‘and’ or ‘but’. Instead, go with a subordinating conjunction such as ‘since’ or ‘because’ to alert the reader of a link between the two statements.

  1. Avoid technical language

Unless you are writing a technical report, try as much as possible to avoid using technical language while writing the thesis statement. The statement needs to be clear so that the reader understands what you mean. Thus, avoid jargon when constructing the thesis statement, unless it is a technical paper or you are sure that the audience is familiar with the technicalities. In addition, avoid both abstract and vague words to make the meaning clear to the reader instantly.

  1. Be original and insightful

The effectiveness of a thesis statement can be negated if it is quoted from another source. The statement needs to be written with your own words so that you can gain credibility with the readers. In addition, ensure that the thesis statement is insightful by avoiding generic or formula statements. Use active verbs and solid subjects to sharpen and clarify the meaning of you thesis statement.

Your own ideas and thoughts have a better chance of grabbing the attention of the reader than generic or quoted statements. Keep revising the thesis statement as you write the rest of the paper in order to ensure that the statement reflects your ideas and position on the subject matter.

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