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4 Tips for Making Your Business’s Shipping Process Safer and More Efficient

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As a business grows, its shipping requirements become more complex. In many companies, however, internal and external shipping processes are handled piecemeal by several departments using methods that may be outdated or inefficient. You can analyze your company’s shipping processes between facilities and on to customers, though, and find ways to make them more efficient while increasing safety and satisfaction.

4 Tips for Making Your Business's Shipping Process Safer and More Efficient

Write Down and Streamline

Ideally, a single system, app, or process should control every aspect of your company’s shipping and logistics. Each system that is added to the process confuses matters and slows things down, decreasing efficiency. To streamline, first write down and analyze every step involved in shipping between facilities and to consumers, then create a guide for how each kind of shipping is handled. As you document these steps, work to find and eliminate duplication of effort and other inefficiencies.

Build Safe Processes

Injuries and product damage may happen because procedures are not followed by employees, but in many cases they result from workers taking on a task without a clear understanding of how to complete it safely. As you document and streamline your shipping processes, consider safety at each step. Build in procedures to increase safety while eliminating physical hazards like unnecessary equipment and movements. Then, ensure that all employees are properly trained on any processes that they will be involved in.

Think About Drayage

Licensed, bonded intermodal drayage transport companies can move containers between trains, trucks, planes, and ships without delay. Alternatively, they can store containers while they await further transport. Drayage is often handled inefficiently because companies don’t consider the ramifications when it’s done poorly. Taking some time to consider how intermodal drayage transport is handled for your cargo can speed shipping, reduce costs, eliminate missed connections, and end late product arrival.

Share Information

Whether the customer for your shipped products is another department within your company or a consumer, your recipient benefits from being fully informed. You can eliminate anger that slows productivity at your company and reduce customer complaints by keeping recipients up to date on deliveries. Updates can take the form of phone calls, emails, text messages, or information available via carrier tracking number. No one benefits from being left in the dark.

Shipping is often the greatest hurdle to customer satisfaction and one of the biggest hassles a company faces, but it doesn’t have to be. When you streamline, document, build in safety, consider every step of the transportation process, and share information about expectations and delays, everyone benefits. Your company can move products efficiently, but it takes careful planning and monitoring.

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