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4 Things Only Rummy Players Can Relate To Very Well

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Online rummy is fast catching up in the recent times. The time stipulated feature of the game, free rummy games, and the ease which you can get started playing online has indeed made rummy the most sought-after online game. Online version rummy has successfully been able to capture and retain the magic of the traditional way of playing rummy. In fact, with the online format, it has become even more interesting and convenient than before. However, despite all these, there are certain aspects of the game which only a rummy player can best relate to than any else could do.

If you are rummy player, these things will undoubtedly ring a bell with you.

  1. Ups and downs are part of the game

Only a rummy player alone understands the fact better that rummy is a game with ups and downs like any other sport.  When you play free online rummy card games, there are wins you experience and losses that make you feel like crawling into your bed and scream in despair when you are plagued by losses. Rummy is based on your skills. Take free rummy. A good hand and your skills will give an edge in some games, while bad hand with no scope of turnaround make losses inevitable.

  1. People assume you are gambling off all your wealth

The assumption that rummy is gambling and in turn leads to losses is still deeply entrenched in the minds of the people. By habit and due to the negative perceptions, they continue to view all the cards games even free rummy through the same lens of suspicion. But, as the saying goes the true taste of the pudding lies in its eating; only a rummy player understands it is not true. Rummy is a far cry from people’s perceptions. Whether it is free rummy games or cash games, your true mental skills are put to test.

  1. Playing professionally is not perceived as a job

How often have you met with a scorn when you told people you play rummy professionally? Most of the times, right? But, the fact is, despite decades have passed people still have a skewed opinion about the game and the players too. They cannot accept it as a profession. It is more often met with a feeling of disdain which makes it really hard for the players. However, rummy lovers start with online free rummy card game and move up professionally immune and unbothered about the societal attitude.

  1. People are perplexed that you are using your degree for playing

The most common question that you encounter is people inquiring why you are wasting your degree just for playing some game online. They find playing even free rummy as a minuscule activity which does not require any qualifications at all. Though strange it may sound, some of the successful and established online rummy players are educated with degrees and higher qualifications. Maybe, challenges draw the best minds, what say?


So, the next time, you come across someone venting their unreasonable remarks about free rummy games or cash games, just shrug it off with a grin; because, you know rummy game better than anyone else.

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