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4 Tech Appliances That Help Make The World More Accessible

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The world is constantly evolving with new innovations and amazing discoveries aimed at making the world more accessible. Every day in one part of the globe, there is someone who is facing mobility challenges either due to their age or a form of disability. With these innovations, they can easily access places they previously were unable to. Here are some of the tech appliances that are making this possible.

4 Tech Appliances That Help Make The World More Accessible

Self-Driving Wheelchairs

The current world population has witnessed an increased number of senior citizens. With this surge in the elderly population, there has been an increase in the number of individuals facing difficulties in mobility due to their advanced ages. This led to the invention and creation of self-driving wheelchairs. These wheelchairs have borrowed the concept used in designing self-drive cars to build this tech marvel. The wheelchair is fitted with lidar sensors that measure the distance to an object and uses the data to build a map of the area. It does this after manually being driven around the area it will be used.


For most people, the entire world is at their fingertips with a tap on their phones or computers. However, for people who have suffered a stroke to the upper body or paralysis, this is not the case. However, with the launch of BrainGate, a brain-computer interface, even paralyzed people can access the world. This device is designed to translate brain activities directly into action on a mobile device, allowing them to surf the internet, read their emails, read news, and even listen to music using their thoughts.

Stair Lifts

Over time even in your homes, the elderly may start finding it difficult to conquer the flight of stairs to their rooms. However, with Stair lifts, this worry can be a thing of the past. Stair lifts are basically battery-powered chairs mounted onto a railing and are used to carry the user up and down the staircase. These appliances are generally quiet, comfortable, and easy to use. Using this appliance, even a disabled member of your household can easily access the upper floors without straining.

SignAloud Smart Gloves

In most cases, it is easy to use sign language to communicate to deaf people or individuals with some degree of hearing impairment. However, this at times becomes difficult when using a video remote interpretation system. With the development of the SignAloud, some of these problems can be corrected. The device is fitted with sensors on the hand and wrist. These sensors are used to measure the hand’s position and movement to transliterate the sign language into text and speech.

To make the world more accessible and inclusive, researchers are working round the clock to come up with some of the most amazing innovations. This way, they can improve the quality of life for millions of people across the globe.

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