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4 Smart Link Building Tips For Business Blogs

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Speaking of opportunities, provided by blogs, marketers often forget about link building. Links are what gets the traffic, and traffic means more visitors, readers and customers. If you act smart and use the tips, offered in this article, you might both discover new exclusive possibilities for raising your rankings and win the favor of your target audience.

4 Smart Link Building Tips For Business Blogs

Tip #1: Let Competitors Help You

There are many interesting link building techniques, however, some entrepreneurs and bloggers tend to neglect them. One of the techniques used in link building is competitive link research. All you need to do is to list main competitors in your field and check who’s linking to their sites and blogs while omitting yours. You might find those who gather multiple links to resources that offer your type of product or service, and in that case the chances are that such people will be interested in linking to your blog as well.

Tip #2: Link What’s Worth Linking

It has been mentioned many times that one does not simply link all of his blog posts. Of course, general good quality of the content is a must, however, even if you are sure that you provide stylish well-written up-to-date information in your blog, try and pick the best articles for link building. Bear in mind that most exceptional writing skills are not enough to create really qualitative content – you also need to understand the needs of your target audience, use images and infographics, do a profound research on each of the topics of your article and choose proper formats for them. In case if you fulfill each of these conditions, you will succeed.

Tip #3: Guest Posts Are Useful

Every experienced blogger knows the value of guest posting. Do a research on highly ranked blogs by keywords you target yourself and find out which ones of them accept guest posts from other blogs. Then review the topics they cover most often, choose something they will inevitably approve and write an article, suggesting it to necessary blogs later. There are two ways to use guest posts for link building: you might include a link to your blog when providing your bio under the article or you could simply put a link somewhere in the text, under the relevant keywords.

Tip #4: Connections Mean Promotion

Never stop expanding your emails lists and growing social networks. Pick the best content you might offer and share it with your colleagues and clients. Try to be specific, send out different links and materials when dealing with particular groups from your target audience. Also hiring other bloggers to write guest posts in your blog is a good idea – both for developing strong business connections and for link building. All of writers tend to cross-post their works to their own blog – and that gets you another link.

Last but not least – show appreciation and gratitude, when getting other bloggers and web site owners to publish links to your blog. Nice attitude usually ensures overwhelming results.

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