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4 Reasons to say “Yes” to Android OS 9 Tablets

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Hey! Are you planning to buy an android tablet? That’s great indeed. However, there is a big gap between planning to buy a handset and purchasing a handset.

Often, we find people planning to buy tablets or cheap Celeron laptops, but end up in a confusion – which one should be the best device for long-term use? No matter what you are opting for, due to the presence of plenty of brands in the market it really becomes hard to conclude.

Which brand to prefer? What are the features to look for in the new tablet? Is it better to enhance the budget to buy the latest tablet or buy something that is within the range? Likewise, there are several questions a buyer encounter while purchasing a tablet.

Are you facing the same trouble?

Don’t worry. It’s a common problem for everyone.

How to solve? Maybe by listing down the features you want or choosing the operating system that is in trend.

Almost every year there is something new added to the android operating system. Till yesterday, it was the Android Oreo that has dominated the market. But today, it has shifted to Android Pie. Instead of listing down the tablet features it is important to check out what’s the new android OS in the market. We guess this will solve almost 90% of your problem.

So, are you heading to buy an android tablet? Learn why Android OS 9 tablet sales are high and why you should go for it!

4 Features that describe Android OS 9 Tablets

1. New navigation gesture in home screen: Android Pie offers a new navigation gesture in the home screen. The standard button to navigate back, the recent button to visit the recent apps or the home button to reach the home screen are now replaced with the trendy navigation gesture.

In this latest feature, you can swipe your home screen (left to right) to find the recent apps and swipe up to remove an app from the list. To open the app store on your device you can just swipe up the home button twice. To scroll between the apps, you can easily swipe right the screen and hold on to home.
Likewise, several gestures are added recently in this OS, and no doubt, these have improved the user experience a lot.

  1. Apps can now read your mind: Mobile applications are used frequently. As a result of this, Google’s Launcher has become capable enough to predict the app that you are using mostly. Now it’s the turn to serve you with the actions that you are about to make.

    With the latest OS, App Action can predict the task that you are about to perform. Thus, you don’t need to look for the app or the feature that you want to start with. It will automatically be showcased in front of you.

    For example, if you have frequently used WhatsApp to chat with a particular person and used Google Duo to make a video call with another person, both will have a shortcut on the home screen.

  2. Take care of your wellness: What! Yes, you read correctly. Android tablets are now doing their best to take care of your wellness. But how? It will display the time you have spent on an app, the time you have spent on your tablet, and how often you use your device.

    A complete dashboard will be displayed to make you aware of the time you are spending on the device. It is better to say that this feature is implemented to prevent you from wasting your precious time.

    No doubt, this is another reason why Android OS 9 tablet sales are increasing rapidly. Isn’t it?

  3. Additional feature to your Screenshot shortcut: We all knows that all Android tablets or mobile phones offer a screenshot shortcut feature by holding the power button and the volume button together. But can they be edited? Some users will say yes, while some will deny it. What’s the truth? Both!

    The users who are recently using Android Pie OS know very well the new additional feature of the Screenshot shortcut. In this upgraded version, you get the option of Screenshot present in your Power button menu. This allows you to take screenshots any time without any hassle.

    Moreover, they can be edited instantly whenever they are captured. This additional feature in the new version of OS is indeed appreciable.


Don’t you think these reasons are enough to encourage the buyers to purchase Android Pie tablets?
However, these are just a few. Several other advanced features are available for this latest OS version. You may Google it know more about them.
As per the latest market survey, android OS 9 tablet sales are growing exponentially and are even getting a better response than the cheap Celeron laptops. Their trendy features and enticing benefits are leaving no stone unturned to amaze the audience. And what about you?

Don’t you find these tablets worth to buy? Just go for Android Pie and enjoy its trendy features.

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