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4 Reasons The 2018 CMX Show In Toronto Is A Must-Attend For Mechanical Industry Professionals

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The 2018 Toronto CMX/CMPX Show is almost here. Running from March 21-23, this expo hosted at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre is one of the largest trade shows for the mechanical industry in all of North America!

At CMX, you’ll be able to browse the latest products and innovations in the mechanical industry – and get one-on-one access to industry leaders who are driving tomorrow’s trends.

Whether you’re in plumbing, HVAC, wholesaling, manufacturing, engineering, or any other mechanical industry, it’s a must-attend!

Still not convinced? Read on and learn more – see the 4 reasons that you NEED to attend the 2018 CMX Show Toronto!

4 Reasons The 2018 CMX Show In Toronto Is A Must-Attend For Mechanical Industry Professionals

  1. New Product Demos

One of the best reasons to attend CMX in 2018 is the enormous number of new product demos. According to CMX, more than 80% of their showroom floor space has already been rented out for the 2018 expo – and 95% of 2017 show participants are planning to return to show off their products.

This means that you’ll be able to get hands-on product demos and information about the latest trends in the HVAC, plumbing, and engineering industry – directly from wholesalers, manufacturers, and vendors. If you attend CMX, you’ll be a step ahead of the competition – that’s a guarantee!

  1. Informative Seminars At The Learning Forum

Every year, CMX hosts a variety of powerful, informative seminars at The Learning Forum. The Learning Forum is located on the showroom floor. This means you can attend lecture and seminars without even leaving the showroom itself, or missing out on any networking opportunities.

This year, the themes have been named for all three days of the show.

  • Day 1, Wednesday March 21, 2018 “For Owners And Managers– The first day of lectures at CMX will feature a large variety of speakers and topics focused at educating industry professionals who own or manage businesses in the HVAC and plumbing industries. Learn about management techniques, advanced business strategies, and much more!
  • Day 2, Thursday March 22, 2018 “Engineering The Future Of Mechanicals– These sessions are targeted at engineers and other manufacturing professionals in the mechanicals industry. Themes include Water Quality, Psychometrics, Refrigerants, and High Efficiency Plumbing.
  • Day 3, Friday March 23, 2018 “Hands-On Smart Solutions” – This session is targeted at contractors, technicians, and installers. This “bottom-line” focused session emphasizes how information about new trends and products can aid them in building a better business.

No matter what mechanical industry you work in – or what role you perform – there’s sure to be a session or two that will catch your interest. So come to CMX, and see how these valuable lectures can help you become a leader in your industry!

  1. Plenty Of Networking Opportunities

If you want to rub shoulders with luminaries in the North American mechanical industry, create industry connections with vendors and manufacturers, or even find new job opportunities, there’s no better place than the 2018 CMX Show in Toronto.

CMX includes over 500 exhibitors, and is attended yearly by thousands of professionals in every field of the mechanical industry. Whether you’re making friends on the showroom floor, connecting with colleagues over lunch, or planning a night out after the show, you’re sure to make connections that will be useful both in business, and in your personal life!

  1. See The Future Of The Industry – Now!

At CMX, the future of the mechanical industry is now! You’ll get to see all of the most cutting-edge technology that will be released over the next several years, learn about pertinent regulatory changes, and see where the industry is headed over the next few years.

In turn, this information helps inform your business, and keeps you “ahead of the curve” when competing against other companies.

Discover CMX For Yourself – Sign Up To Attend In 2018!

Don’t miss CMX this year. From March 21-23 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, the best and brightest in the North American mechanicals industries will gather, and determine the future of the industry!

So learn more about registration now, and see how your company can benefit from you attending the 2018 CMX show in Toronto!

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