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4 Over The Counter Prescriptions That Can Help With Menstrual Health

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Often when our lifestyle or health is at risk, we focus on expensive procedures and doctor’s prescriptions. We often assume that everything requires a specific cure or medication, and get so used to aches and pains that we don’t realize they can be fixed. When it comes to your health, there are many areas you need to consider. If you’re female, then your menstrual health is one of them. If you regularly suffer from cramps, indigestion, headaches, and depression during your period, you should know that this isn’t normal. There are many over the counter prescriptions available to individuals who need medical assistance with their menstrual health. In today’s short article, we’re going to take a look at four of the most popular.

4 Over The Counter Prescriptions That Can Help With Menstrual Health


One of the most well-known over the counter prescriptions for females is Midol. This analgesic drug works to treat menstrual pain associated with cramping and other premenstrual syndrome effects. This drug contains three active ingredients. These are acetaminophen, pyrilamine maleate, and caffeine. All have been associated with decreasing pain caused by menstruation. So if the primary issue you have with your menstrual cycle is pain and cramping, this could be the perfect solution.


Aleve is the brand name known medically as a type of Naproxen. This is a drug that works to alleviate period pain by reducing the number of contractions that the uterus produces. Aleve is available without a prescription at your local drugstore. You’ll usually find it in 220 mg capsules. The main active ingredient in this over the counter medication is naproxen sodium. Naproxen is an effective painkiller, so consider this if other options do not seem to work.


For some women, their period comes along with heavy bleeding. This not only draining for the body but it can drastically reduce your quality of life while you are on your period. Cyklo-F works to reduce heaviness in period bleeding for women who take it regularly. This product is typically available in 500 mg capsules at your local pharmacy. The main active ingredient in this product is Tranexamic Acid. If your bloodflow is just too much to handle, then this over-the-counter product may be perfect for you.


Pamprin is known to be an antihistamine that reduces the effect of the body’s natural histamine. Therefore, it provides multi-symptom relief for PMS pain. Some of the most common symptoms that Pamprin is known to effectively treat in women include bloating, irritability, tension, water weight gain, muscular pain, period cramps, and headaches. The active ingredients in this medication include Pyrilamine Maleate, Pamabrom, and Acetaminophen. You will usually find 15 mg of Pyrilamine Maleate, 25 mg of Pamabrom, and 500 mgs of acetaminophen in each capsule of Pamprin. This medication is highly recommended for those that experience multiple PMS symptoms.

Menstrual health is vital to your virility and self-confidence. Ensuring that you can successfully treat any menstrual problems with over the counter medication can allow you to rest assured that your menstrual health will be fine in the long-run. The above are just four of the many prescriptions that you can get over the counter when you run into menstrual health problems.

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