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4 Large Pieces Of Equipment You’ll Need to Have Installed In Your New Manufacturing Plant

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When it comes to a manufacturing plant, there are multiple pieces of equipment needed for it to run properly and be successful. The following are four types of equipment that are required for a new plant. 

4 Large Pieces Of Equipment You'll Need to Have Installed In Your New Manufacturing Plant

Power Sources

In this day and age of unprecedented weather such as storms, flooding, or heat waves causing power outages or wildfires, it is vital that production at a manufacturing plant is not disturbed.

Many companies today need to be able to show clients that supply chains will be disrupted if there are power outages. Therefore, it is important to have generators onsite to keep production moving if the world outside comes to a grinding halt. Some of the big names in generators are Caterpillar and Briggs and Stratton.

Fuel Tanks

Running a manufacturing plant uses huge amounts of fuel. Whether it is oil to heat the building, or fuel to run a generator, a tank or containment unit is needed. Tanks can be stored above ground or below. It is important to invest in a tank that is sizable for the manufacturing needs but also that will be durable. Some tanks are designed with double or single walls. Oftentimes, special polymers are used to ensure durability. Tanks will be based on your needs. Companies like Eaton Sales Service specialize in fuel tanks and installation. 


Whether it is a machine shop or an automotive shop, lifting large equipment or stock can be problematic. Most machine shops have a forklift or a crane system that handles the heavy lifting, allowing employees to work easier and safer. With moving equipment like these, which are often used daily, safety is always a top priority. Taking care of maintenance on a forklift, crane or lift is an important aspect that should be considered yearly.

Air Compressors 

Many manufacturing plants use compressed air to run machines, robots, and other equipment. Losing air can have a costly effect on a company’s production. Choosing the right size air compressor is very important, as well as the correct pressure output. The location of a compressor is extremely important since compressors produce a large amount of heat. This can have a damaging effect on nearby equipment or even areas where employees are working. Again, maintenance for compressors should be completed regularly and by a specialist.

Choosing the right equipment can be the difference between success and failure. Do it right the first time and you won’t have to do it again.

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