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4 International Food and Beer Pairings You Are Sure to Love

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One drink that reigns supreme around the globe as a drink of pleasure is beer. It comes in many different varieties and can be paired with many different snacks and entrees. When it comes to the international market, there are four types of beer that make great bases for pairing some tasty foods.

4 International Food and Beer Pairings You Are Sure to Love

Pilsner And Seafood

If you’re craving some seafood, then you need to get a pilsner to go along with it. While it goes great with all different types of seafood, it’s best with white fish and salmon. This pale lager provides a complementary sweetness to that somewhat bitter taste that some seafood can have. Try and mix it up from time to time with Bohemian or other styles of Pilsner.

Light Lager

If you’re a fan of the lighter end of the lager spectrum, then there’s a wide variety of pairings you can enjoy. Spicy food from the southern country of Mexico will be sure to go down great with a light lager beer. If you’re more interested in playing it safe with a salad, a light lager is great for that too. Some examples of light lagers to try include Corona, Bud Light, and Coors Light.

Dark Lager

If your taste buds love sticking to the darker end of the lager spectrum, then there are a couple of dishes that are best suited for you. Deep stews go great with a dark lager as the beer provides a malt-like flavor that perfectly compliments the stew. Other options include traditional burgers and pizza. This type of food pairing is done mainly in the European countries as they have a ton of hearty stews and sausages alongside crispy burgers and pizza.


The stout beer is typically reserved as a dessert beer and for good reason. This top-fermented beer has a lower alcohol volume than most other beers and many have a specific chocolate taste to them. This is best paired with richer desserts like fudge cake, chocolate truffles, and mousse. You’ll absolutely fall in love with the combined sweetness of a great stout and a rich, chocolate-flavored dessert.

Beer is a loved beverage around the globe. We all love consuming it to relax and it makes a perfect complement to any meal. The trick is pairing the right type of beer with the right type of dish. Hopefully, you now have a better idea of what beer to pick to go with your next meal.

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