4 Game Kickstarters to Keep an Eye on for December

There are always games that are somewhere in the crowdfunding process. This gives the developers the ability to create a game that they think will be well received and generate the funds for it in advance. Here are just a few of the game kickerstarters that you’ll want to keep your eye on in the coming month.

Book of Travels

This single or multiple player platform is attempting to create a new world that’s diverse and graphically appealing to its audience. You can see the fact that they’ve built an entire universe in which you can experience different walks of life depending on which type of character that you want to select. By offering incentives, they’re hoping to drive up their fund pool. This type of strategy is fairly common where kickstarters are concerned, and the game itself has a unique and vibrant art style that makes it incredibly appealing.

Maritime Law

Including the gaming community and asking for things that they would like to see included in a game helps to direct the flow of the released product. Maritime Law offers packages in which you can fund a certain character that you’d like to see developed. The developers are also working to select a platform that will be stable and can support the amount of users that they want to play their game. The game encourages exploration, getting lost, and enjoying the journey.

A Profound Waste of Time

Building on the success of previous gaming ventures, A Profound Waste of Time has a much anticipated campaign going to fund their second rendition of their game. Much of their success is due to exciting their base and letting them know about their concept that’s still in the development phase. Their team has done a good job of utilizing crowdfunding best practices to generate excitement about their game. Getting the word out there is what makes it possible for interested backers to be a part of history for these types of games. Many newer games have been inspired by the first part of this latest venture.

Endless Memories

Being more personal in nature about the goals of game creation can work to the developer’s benefit. This strategy increases the odds of people being willing to fund a game venture. Endless Memories is one such game in which the developers are letting backers know that they’re only a two person team who’s looking to create something great in order to build on their fan base. Creating a community of interested parties improves developer’s chances of seeing their game reach fruition.

There are so many different games and crowdfunding efforts we can learn from and participate in. Watch for these game kickstarters to see where else their efforts may lead and to keep on top of some stunning new indie titles that will be out soon.

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