4 Benefits of Choosing Invisalign Over Traditional Braces

If your teeth are in need of some straightening, you’ve likely been given the options of braces or a non-metal alternative, such as Invisalign. While you may have been surprised at the thought of committing to wearing braces over the long-term, you do need to decide which solution is going to be best for you. Invisalign currently holds many benefits over the traditional metal braces.

They’re Invisible

Okay, they’re not completely invisible but they’re not overly obvious either. When someone is wearing metal braces, you can usually tell from a mile away. However, these invisible braces solutions are very discreet to wear. This can do wonders for your self-confidence levels as you don’t have to worry about metal being all people see when you smile.

Easy to Remove

Anyone who has ever had braces can tell you just how much of a pain they are to clean. When you eat, food particles get stuck in the braces. This requires extensive cleaning afterward. With Invisalign solutions, you can easily remove your braces for cleaning. You can even take them off to eat your meals so you don’t have to fight with stuck food particles. Your Invisalign dentist will even be able to successfully work on your teeth or provide your annual cleaning with ease as you can remove the invisible braces.

They’re Safer

Traditional braces come with lots of wires that are prone to breakage. When these wires break, it can lead to punctures of the gum. These can be very painful. Invisalign braces are made from a softer clear material that won’t puncture the gums. Therefore, they’re much safer to wear regularly than traditional metal braces.

They’re Faster

The proof is in the amount of time it takes for the braces to work. Traditional metal braces can take up to five full years to successfully work. Invisalign takes about a year and a half at the most. In most cases, individuals can be done with their teeth alignment in a year or less. That’s a big difference in the duration of use when comparing traditional braces to Invisalign.

When it comes to deciding on whether to go with traditional metal braces or the new Invisalign alternative, there are many things you’ll want to consider. From the time they take to treat your misaligned teeth to their level of comfort when wearing them, everything needs to be taken into account when deciding. Hopefully, you now have a better idea of why Invisalign is going to be your best option.