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4 Eye Problems That Can Affect Your Toddler’s Vision

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Many toddlers enjoy great health. Sometimes, though, we discover problems that were either overlooked before or may develop as they grow older. A toddler’s eyesight can be impacted by several things, including these four conditions.

4 Eye Problems That Can Affect Your Toddler's Vision


Conjunctivitis, or pink eye, can be noticed when the white part of a child’s eye appears reddish or pinkish. This is due to the infection that is growing in the eye, which can come from numerous sources. Pink eye is common among toddlers and even older children, and it is very contagious. The condition’s inflammatory nature may cause seeing problems for small kids, and your child should be evaluated by the family doctor.

Respiratory Infections

Respiratory ailments affect people of all ages, and we all struggle with watery eyes and itchy noses along with other symptoms. Young children often rub their noses and then rub their eyes with the same hand, spreading the virus. This can cause the child’s eyes to swell or become weepy with drainage. The eye doctor can advise parents how to treat this condition naturally or with over-the-counter or prescription medications.


Toddlers may still be somewhat unsteady on their feet, which can lead to frequent falls. They also have been learning how to grip toys and other things to hold them while playing. An occasional fall can lead to an eye injury, which may be minor and treated at home or require a doctor’s exam. Playing with an object in their hands might lead to an excited toddler banging the toy or book on his face without realizing it, which can also cause an unintentional injury. Bruises, scratches, or other injuries around the eyes should be carefully observed and possibly reported to the doctor, depending on how serious it is, as the child’s vision may be impacted.

Lazy Eye

Lazy eye is a congenital condition in which one or both of the child’s eyes drift inward or outward at times. An eye specialist can diagnose the condition and explain to the parents how it can be treated, as the child’s vision is often affected by this phenomenon. In some cases, surgery may be required when the toddler is older. Sometimes an eye patch, eyeglasses, or vision exercises may be recommended.

Vision is a precious gift to all of us. Toddlers’ eyes should be carefully protected to ensure they continue to see the world clearly and without obstruction. Make an appointment with the family’s eye doctor’s office if you have questions or concerns about your toddler’s vision.

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