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4 Ailments That Could Be Causing Your Dry and Itchy Skin

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In the moment, there are few things worse than a terrible itch that doesn’t seem to go away with scratching. If your skin feels dry on a regular basis, there could be an underlying medical condition at the root of it all. A bit of information on some of the possible ailments that could be the culprits may help you put an end to the itch.

4 Ailments That Could Be Causing Your Dry and Itchy Skin

Fungal Infections

An infection caused by fungus or bacteria could be at the core of your itchy skin problem. Impetigo is one of the more common bacterial infections that can lead to itchy skin. You’ll see it more in children, but adults can get it as well. Red sores are a sign that impetigo may be an issue for you. Treatment for this condition involves the use of antibiotics. A short bath with some mild bleach might lower bacteria count you’re dealing with as well. If anyone in your household has the condition, they should use a clean towel each time they bathe and not share clothing items.

Atopic Dermatitis

This condition tends to be a chronic one that can be debilitating if the symptoms are severe enough. Unfortunately, it is always there, and a flare-up can occur at any time. Excessively itchy skin, dryness, and even sores can all be symptoms of atopic dermatitis disease. Pain, loss of sleep, and difficulty meeting social functions can all be secondary problems that result from severe atopic dermatitis. Creams to control itching, drugs to combat infections, and wet dressings are all possible remedies here. In some cases, a person with this condition may need multiple treatments over a course of months or years.


This is a common allergic reaction for many people. Raised clusters on the skin become itchy, and they can be the result of stress, extensive exercise, or a lot of time in the sun. Special medical kits with shots of epinephrine are a common treatment to combat the more serious effects of hives. Speak with a medical professional about your hives to get the best course of action.


Psoriasis is the result of skin cells growing too quickly and piling up on the skin. These piles get inflamed and cause you to itch. Most treatments try to stop the cells from multiplying too quickly. Corticosteroids or synthetic vitamin D can help to inhibit the growth here.

Dry skin that itches constantly can be a huge distraction from things like work or social activities. If your skin is itchy and peeling, you may be tempted to avoid social contact more than you would otherwise. Continued scratching can also cause damage to the top layer of your skin. Being aware of some of the potential causes here might help you find a solution that works for you.

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