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3 Ways To Travel With A Tight Schedule

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Need to get away?  Want a break from all the craziness your life holds, but just can’t afford to take a 10 day tour of Europe?  Is your calendar too booked to take 10 days?  Follow these three suggestions and take a quicker break to refresh yourself.

3 Ways To Travel With A Tight Schedule

Try a Weekend Stay-cation

One blogger suggests claiming the three and four day weekends for a stay-cation. Avoid the laundry, grocery shopping and other normal chores you would do on the weekend. Work a little harder during the week to make the stay-cation possible. Then, take the entire weekend to do whatever you want in your own city. Do you have great museums?  Visit those. Are you close to a National Park?  Take advantage of the sights there, but come home at night. Want to do nothing but read books all weekend?  Lock the door, turn off your phone, get those comfy clothes on. Order in food. Act like you are staying in a hotel – its hard to cook dinner in a hotel room.

Splurge on One Extended Evening

You could take advantage of a spectacular opportunity in your area. Do you have a dinner cruise nearby?  Reserve a spot. Take extra time to get yourself ready. Visit a spa in the morning. Get your nails done. Have your hair and makeup done by a professional. Buy a new outfit. Hire a driver to take you to the dock.

If you don’t have a dinner cruise, you could get all wild and crazy and take a flight to an area that does. Fly down in the morning, book a hotel for after the cruise and fly out the next morning. Find a spa in the area you are going to. When you make reservations, ask the person at the hotel to suggest a local spa.

Take One Day Off

Yes, you have ten gazillion things to do. But you can spare one day. You need to spare one day. You can recharge your battery. One day doesn’t seem like much, but it can help you focus on your work, but AFTER you get back from your one day vacation. You might wonder just what one day could do for you. One blogger created the following list:

  1. Spend it with someone you love.
  2. Read an entire book.
  3. Practice something, anything.
  4. Sleep, as much as you want.
  5. Disconnect with all things electronic.
  6. Reconnect with yourself.
  7. Get something important done that has been on the back burner.
  8. Do an activity that you enjoy.
  9. Workout. It feels great.
  10. Go out to lunch with a friend.
  11. Learn something. What new skill do you need?
  12. Do something you have never done before. Scare yourself, just a little bit.
  13. Do something outdoors. Remind yourself that life is not contained in an office building.
  14. Write letters to 5 friends or relatives.
  15. Reflect and write in your journal.
  16. Go and see someone in person that you have been meaning to spend time with.
  17. Start something. Take the 1st step on a new endeavor. You can’t finish if you don’t start.
  18. Review your goals and dreams. This is something we often do not get to during the normal hustle of daily life.

Vacations are important. They let you recharge your own battery. You get a chance to connect with your loved ones. You feel better prepared to take care of the huge list you have at work. So take a little break from your crazy schedule.

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