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You had trees in your courtyard, some of which had dead. They have been removed too. But the stump remains and the problem posed before you is to remove the tree stump.

You can’t remove the stump your own and hence you need to hire a stump removal company which has the expertise to granulate a stump into mulch in almost no time, clean up the chaos and leave you happy. They also don’t charge much money too.

But this is not the end and you have the liberty to exercise other option too. Accordingly the stump removal company adopts the various ideal approaches to dispose of a stump, some of which can be gives as below:

Stump Of 1-6 Inch Diameter

The stumps of 1-6 inch cab be removed by hand. You need to used the basic tools such as Shovel, Axe, Pick and a little muscles. A circle with a radius of 15-20 inches from the trunk is dug and the trunk is moved side to side to expose roots to cut. After cutting all the roots the stump is taken out of the hole.


For Stumps having 6 Inches Or Greater Diameter

The hand tools would not be suffiecient and you need to have a stump grinder. With the help of it you will have the full control and relatively safe when compared to other DIY options. It takes more efforts and time. If the stump is more large, use other powered tools.

Keep in mind the potential risks involved in stump removal. It includes damage to your vehicles, yard, sidewalk, street, house, and/or neighbors property. All the efforts to be applied to pop out the stump without hurting anyone.

Other Techniques

You must know that you can’t utilize all the techniques of stump removal in residential areas. You have to take due permission in advance from the appropriate local and municipal authorities for the same. Then you can utilize other options for stump removal too. These may be:

  • You may need to use chemicals to eat the stump from the inside out. As per the chemical and size of stump, this procedure takes some time to complete. You are already aware that some chemicals are harsh and may give sooner result but you will not use it until unless you have the permission from the authorities.
  • Igniting a fire and burning the stump is another method of destroying it. This method may be told as a traditional method and is associated with production of smoke, smog and takes days to complete the stump removal. But it is still in practice.
  • Some large equipments are also be used for stump removal. They are worked several times. Thereafter the crane or hook is used to pull the stump out of ground. This procedure leaves broken roots causing problems at later stage. The heavy equipments also cause damage to land.

You have to take care to use the most reliable and safest method. Any dirt mound generated by the subsurface grinding has to be smoothed and leveled off.

It is suggested to not to leave the job to the company employees only and take a;;; possible steps to avoid human error.

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