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3 Ways Sports Can Boost Children’s Development

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Children tend to spend much of their time at school and studying, but these shouldn’t deprive them time for fun and physical activities. Unfortunately, many schools lack the facility and willingness to organize sporting events. In fact, it is possible for children to do sports during lunch and other breaks as a way to socialize with friends. They shouldn’t spend too much time studying. In fact, education isn’t just about doing homework, memorizing and reading. Sports could also develop our personality and we shouldn’t neglect the importance of games and sports. Overall, sports can help us improve the psychological, emotional and physical development of children.

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Sports are preserver of health. It reduces body fat, strengthens the cardiovascular and respiratory system, prevents obesity and controls body weight. We could also have stronger bones, firmer muscles, improved balance, better flexibility and enhanced endurance. With sports, we could have better developed hand and eye coordination, as well as faster feet movements. Sports play pivotal roles in mental development of our children and here are reasons why:

Three Ways Sports Can Boost Children’s Development

1. Better personality and character

Apart from strengthening our physical health, sports could also play an amazing role in social well-being and psychological development of children. They enhance accountability, sacrifice, self-confidence, responsibility and discipline. With sports, children can interactive positively with coaches and other adults, as well as getting along with their peers.

2. Reduced Stress

Stress, depression and anxiety could also affect children. With sports, even the most successful athletes know how to accept defeats gracefully and try to move on by learning past mistakes. Eventually sports can strip away outer personality and let the real characters to shine through. Children are also able to play sports and have good chance of interacting and meeting with individuals of similar interest. They can also make more friends and have boosted overall confidence. With sports, we can the spirits of sharing and sportsmanship. Children are able to play together as a team, while sharing and celebrating their victory together. This should bring positive effects on children’s behaviour and psychology. When they grow up, children will less likely to become very selfish. They will be caring and able to work as a solid team with others. Various studies demonstrated the real benefits of sports in youth and how they can enhance life satisfaction and self-rated health among younger people. Findings also suggested that team participation can enhance bonding among friends, social support and connectedness.

3. Better Health among Girls

Many parents discourage girls from participating too much in sports. They believe that performing specific activities will result unfavourable effects. In some countries, mothers may be concerned that girls who have more physical activities outdoor will have darker complexion. In fact, girls who play more sports can look younger than their peer. Sports have a role in slowing down the overall aging process. Girls could glow, appear more attractive and have healthier skin. Also, less active girls tend to accumulate weight more during early adulthood. Sports can make us confident, beautiful and physically fit. Girls who participate in sports can interact better with others and become more active socially.

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