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3 Tips for Your Guy on His Appearance

2 Mins read

While your guy should always have the last word on his look, there is nothing wrong with throwing a few hints his way.

That said what might you tell your guy as it relates to his appearance moving forward?

Be Nice When Making Suggestions

In coming up with suggestions for how your guy can go about improving his appearance, be subtle about it.

No guy wants to hear the woman he is with going on and on about how he needs to improve this and that about his look.

So, here are a few tips to follow as you go about dropping some hints:

  1. Face – Since the face is the first thing most people tend to notice about another one, do you like your guys’ face? If there are a few improvements he might be able to do, will you tell him or let him figure out on his own? For instance, does he wear a beard, goatee or mustache? If so, how good of a job does he do when it comes to keeping it trimmed? He may have nice facial hair in general but it is not groomed that well. The best tip for him would be new shaving accessories. You or he can go online and check out Harry’s shave club reviews and reviews of other top brands. By doing this, your guy could be closer to finding the shaving equipment for a smooth shave each time.
  2. Clothes – Does your guy have an expansive wardrobe or a rather limited one? Either way, you want him to look good more times than not. Unless he is lounging around and the chosen clothes do not matter, the hope is he dresses nicely. That said you may want to buy him some new threads if he is okay with that. In doing so, you can have a little more say in what he wears too. The clothes you buy for him can be as a holiday or birthday gift or no special occasion at all.
  3. Weight – Last, is your guy in good condition or could stand to drop some sizable weight? When it is the latter, you need to remember that looks are not the only thing in play here. Your guy’s health can be at stake too if he is significantly overweight. Much of this can be due to a bad diet and not exercising. So, work with him to get his weight back to a more acceptable level. In doing this, you can feel better not only about how he looks but also his health in general.

While working on your guy’s appearance, how happy are you with your own?

If there are one or more things you’d like to change with your look, now may be the time to go ahead and do so. This can be a great time for both of you to put in the time and effort to get the looks you both want.

If your man needs to get cleaned up when it comes to his appearance, where best to begin?

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