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3 Super Benefits of Taking Melatonin Supplements

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Melatonin is not a tranquilizer, but it helps to induce sleep by controlling your body’s bio clock and sleep cycles. Research shows that it helps in strengthening and boosting sleep and wake cycles. Melatonin supplements improve your sleep patterns and make it simple to take naps easily. According to an article published on, melatonin cuts back on daytime naps, reduces fatigue, and improves your sleep quality. Even doctors prescribe it to help you reverse the aging clock. No wonder why celebs use it to improve their sleep and delay the aging process!That is why movie stars look forever young and beautiful. Besides inducing sleep, melatonin helps in reducing migraine and keeping your waistline slim. Let us read about the three super benefits of taking melatonin.

1. Reduced Diabetes Risk

When you get out of bed after a sleepless night, you crave food, especially items with high-sugar content. If you have low melatonin, you run the risk of having diabetes, which is a silent killer. Therefore, start taking melatonin if your doctor tells you so. Based on the findings of Nurses’ Health Study, people with low melatonin levels run the risk of developingdiabetestwo times more than people with high melatonin levels. Besides, melatonin helps you sleep better, and studies show that sound sleep helps you lose weight as well.

2. Makes You Look Young

Look and feel younger with melatonin consumption. If you have ignored it so far, start taking a melatonin supplement. According to the findings of a research team in Paris, it was discovered that opting for melatonin treatment slows the aging process in mammals by three months. Moreover, the naturally produced hormone helps you sleep better at night. It lets you sleep, making you feel refreshed and relaxed when you wake up first thing in the morning. Why look old when you have the choice to reverse the aging clock with a young and glowing skin?

3. Lack of Melatonin Leads to PMS Symptoms

If you notice that your PMS symptoms have been troubling you of late, consult your doctor. Look how well you are sleeping at night. When it comes to premenstrual dysphoric disorder in women, it is a serious PMS leading to extreme mood swings and other physical warning signs. Based on a study by Douglas Mental Health University Institute, research scholars have proved melatonin deficiency plays a crucial role in PMDD. It does not affect you for a single time in a month. Women plagued with PMDD have a drastic reduction of melatonin levels during the symptomatic luteal stage, which is the second half of the menstrual cycle in women when progesterone levels are very high. So, if you are troubled with PMS symptoms, start taking melatonin tablets after consulting with your physician. Improve your sleep. Try to enjoy as much sleep as possible. If need be, use white noise machines to induce sleep.


Now that you know about the benefits of melatonin, start taking it to induce sleep, avoid diabetes, and check PMS symptoms.

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