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3 Most Used Apps When Planning A Wedding

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These days, there’s pretty much an app for everything under the sun. Whether you’re counting calories or tracking your expenses, apps have become staple tools in our everyday lives. And when it comes to planning your wedding, apps can make the difference between a bridezilla and a smilingly, cheerful woman on her big day.

Fortunately, since so many couples are getting married each year, there is no shortage of great wedding planning tools and apps available for brides-to-be. That means there are a lot of great options out there to explore, but it also means you’ll need to navigate through a virtual ocean of wedding apps to find one that works for your needs; and the vast majority will be a waste of your time.

There is, however, a silver lining in all of this; and that’s the fact that the three most used apps when planning a wedding are already residing in your phone straight from the manufacturer. With so much hype about the latest and greatest tools and apps out there, it’s important to remember the basics while planning your wedding and using the tools that have been used for decades; only digitally.


Ah yes, the classic notepad. There is truly no substitute for your notepad app when it comes to making lists and keeping track of wedding tasks and almost every smartphone in the world comes with one ready to go out of the box. If not, for some reason, there is no shortage of free notepad apps that you can download and use. One could argue that a spreadsheet app, also available for free, is even better than a notepad, but ultimately the purpose of the two apps is the same; make lists and keep track of wedding notes.


Scheduling appointments and meetings may be normal day to day life for some of you, but for many brides it can be a terrible nightmare. Thank goodness your phone has an appointment calendar built right in so you can keep track of all your important meetings and events while planning your wedding. You can even setup alarms to remind you when you have something coming up so you can always stay on top of your planning duties.


Though some would argue that it’s not exactly an app, I would argue that it was the first step to creating a true smartphone. Since the dawn of the “camera phone”, the ability to take pictures with your communication device has spurred all sorts of innovations that would otherwise have not been possible. Plus, when you’re out shopping for wedding supplies, you can easily keep track of what certain items look like or even share your photos for instant feedback from your friends and family. Cameras are even useful at the wedding too since you can take pictures of the bridesmaids lighting sparklers or sharing a group hug. This makes the camera app my personal favorite and likely the most important one of all time.

Though mankind will always strive to create the next new app to revolutionize wedding planning, there will never be a substitute notepads, calendars, or cameras to keep track of things. People use their basic apps so much that they forget which ones they use the most and it can cost you a lot of time while planning your wedding if you lose sight of what you already have.

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