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3 Major Diseases Associated With Polluted Air

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Humans are facing more problems than ever in this decade. The generation becomes sicker and ill persons as they live in the period of most un-environmental situations. The earth has already filled up with the many dangerous organic toxic chemicals, all these are mixed up in the air, and impurity levels in the air already hit the all time record as never before. It’s all because of advances in the industrializations and globalization of industries. The developing countries and rich countries are already facing the consequences of these human made mistakes, many people living in these nations are getting numerous kind diseases related to different body parts. As human beings earn our daily needs, we must go through these environmental issues, but we must be aware of the effects of the chemicals in polluted air on the human body, so that we can at least live careful without much exposure to polluted air.


3 Major Diseases Associated With Polluted Air1

It is a main part that always exposed by us to the air, so it will be main affected body part of us. When polluted air interacts with us it allows many oxidant particles into our skin, which can become harmful later on. It is not simple as we consider, but the UVB irradiation that affects our skin and may it become a cancer carrier. The polluted air, which contains harmful cancer particles can penetrate through our skins and can become the cancer agent. The polluted air particles also affect the ability of fighting with free radicals and increase count of free radicals inside our body. The aged look, black skin, oil face, black spots and wrinkles on the face can also in the list of the effects of the air pollution on the skin.


3 Major Diseases Associated With Polluted Air2

Our lungs have a natural defense mechanism which fights against the bad particles or bacteria’s enters into our body through the air. But when we breath the polluted air for longer periods, the chemical compounds weaken our defense mechanism in the lungs by harming the lung tissue. By breathing in the polluted air we face some kind of breathing problems inside the nose it makes us uncomfortable to breath in, because of this sometimes people may not able to breathe the oxygen properly and oxygen supply will become crucial. Breathing a polluted air can also troubles your throat at high levels, you may also lose some crucial parts inside the throat.


3 Major Diseases Associated With Polluted Air3

After the skin, eyes are another body part that can exposed regularly to the polluted air, the eyes are very vulnerable to air pollution, the result will be seen partially within few hours. The air filled up the empties and dusts that can directly interact with our eyes because of our view. This can cause to have watery eyes, reddish eyes and dry eye syndrome. The impurities that falls inside our eyes become very disturbed in sight and that makes us rub the eye lashes hardly, this makes the eye reddish one.

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