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3 Kings Of Email Marketing : Content, Time & Frequency

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From the beginning of marketing what marketers wanted and developed were strategies that can successfully engage customers and force them to buy. And now email marketing is the new trending marketing strategy that is ruling the world, and every email marketing company is in a search for making it innovative and engaging with new strategies and tips.

There are 3 kings of Email Marketing: Content, Time and Frequency.

Content is the major portion of the marketing campaign which is supposed to entice the customers, time is the next factor as the content need to have a perfect timing or may be it should not be too long that the customer feel it tiring to read the entire content and finally frequency, it is the number of times the customers receive mail in a week or a months’ time.

Let’s have a precise look on each one of them:-

  1. First let’s look upon the contents. And for that lets categories content into different sub-categories i.e.:
    • Data Driven Content: Making content relevant is significant since without relevancy you cannot sustain in the market. People value relevancy as they don’t hardy find time to read the relevant ones so it’s better to forget of being irrelevant.
    • Share contents from Customers End: It will be of great impact if you share what others have to tell about you it can be anything such as comments, testimonials, reviews, social media interactions or even contests. What happens here is that an indirect speech or conversation is happening with rest of the customers about the good experiences they received from your brand. We can categorize it as a new form of word-of-mouth publicity.
    • Create Original Content: Don’t copy and give, create your own. Speak from your heart and for sure people will listen to you.
    • Personalisation: Send trailer made content, call them by name, and make them feel special. Everyone likes when they get something special.
    • Dynamic Content: Dynamic content can create wonders; here you are giving importance to the customer preferences, sell what the users want, segment and target. Everyone feels it great when they receive what they want.
  1. The 2nd King is Time, Time is a factor which is in nobodies hand and is important for everyone, same is the case of email marketing too.There is a right time for everything; it’s true and applicable even for emails. What if your customers don’t see the mails just because you send them at the wrong time? Analyse the customer behaviour, instead of sending tons of mails at the wrong time, send just a mail which will be ten times more effective.Analysing customer behaviour means understand the frequency with which they open the mail, analyse the day and time when you get maximum open rate from the customer. Along with this make sure that you don’t send your customers a lecture, nobody finds time to listen to that.

    Also sending mails at wrong time can be a spam trap too, as we know when a mail is send at wrong time, chances of opening them is zero, so gradually it will lead you to the spam folder. This is the case of a single user, what if everyone is receiving the mail at wrong time? It becomes serious right; it can even be a threat for your domain reputation.

    So make sure that you do send the mail after a thorough study and interpretation of the customer behaviour.

Success is simple. Do what’s right, the right way, at the right time.

-Author Unknown

  1. Last but not the least comes Frequency:
    Now we know what are the roles of Time and Content in email marketing, along with them frequency is another king who rules the industry. A case study conducted by iCubes found that number of people unsubscribing for an e-commerce sector with a daily mailing pattern is more than an e-commerce sector who follows a weekly thrice mailing pattern.


3 Kings Of Email Marketing : Content, Time & Frequency

E-Commerce sector with Daily Mailing Pattern


3 Kings Of Email Marketing : Content, Time & Frequency

E-commerce sector with Weekly Thrice Mailing Pattern

This is a clear indication that one should follow a mail pattern that the customers prefer rather than just sending the mails for the sake of marketing.

Marketing is not the number of ineffective promotional tactics you use; it is the number promotional tactic which has can create a great impact even if it’s just one.

The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.

-Peter Drucker

So every time you think of email marketing take good care of the 3 kings, it is the key for the success of every email marketing campaigns.

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