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3 Keys to the Perfect Engagement Ring Story

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3 Keys to the Perfect Engagement Ring StoryWhen you are in love with the woman of your dreams, you want everything to fall into place.

That said coming up with the perfect engagement ring story can be a challenge for some guys.

While you want to make her happy, there are potential roadblocks in your way.

Among them:

  • Will you find her the perfect ring?
  • Will money be an issue in finding that perfect ring?
  • Will you surprise her with the best marriage proposal possible?

Given those and other potential challenges waiting you, take the time to get it right from the start.

Where Do You Start?

To hit the three keys to the perfect engagement ring story, cover your bases with these ideas:

  1. Jeweler

Even if all your intentions are good, what if you end up going to the wrong jeweler?

Take the time to scout out different jewelers in your area. You want to find the one who is best suited to please your bride-to-be.

This means looking at the following factors:

  • How many years in business?
  • What kind of reputation they have in the community?
  • What is their record of customer service?
  • Are their prices comparable to other jewelry stores in the area?

Whether selecting Front Jewelers or another brand; the time and effort is worth it.

  1. Pricing

If you end up being a little taken aback by prices at first, you’re not alone.

Yes, an engagement ring buy can be a pricey selection in your life, but isn’t it worth it?

Given that most jewelers offer payment plans, you should be able to come up with a decent plan to pay off the ring. In some cases, you might even be able to buy it outright.

This is another reason that it pays to take your time and look around. Settling on the first jeweler and/or ring you come across is not always a wise decision.

The more time and effort that went into crafting the ring is going to have a major influence on its price.

From black diamond engagement rings to many others, both of you want to study your options.

Finally, be sure to look into the warranty available on the ring she wants.

There could very well be times when the ring will need some adjusting etc.

The last thing you want is being charged an arm and a leg for any such alterations.

  1. Proposal

The other big item on the agenda is where and when to propose to her.

With more couples shopping together for rings, some men worry about the surprise.

As it turns out, you can still shop for the ring together and surprise her on when she receives it.

When it comes to when and where to give her the ring, you could consider among your options:

  • Privacy – Giving her the ring when it is only the two of you is the way most guys do it. It can be a simple night out on the town or a romantic dinner at home.
  • Family – If you want to surprise her in front of her family that is an option too. Make sure that she would be okay with such a surprise. The last thing you want is an unhappy bride-to-be who isn’t big on surprises.
  • Vacation – Another option is to present the ring when the two of you are away on a trip. Make it even more special by having the ring presented in a very romantic setting. This can be on a remote island or a quaint little village overseas etc.

When it comes time for the perfect engagement ring story, make it one you can talk about for the rest of your lives.

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