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14 Common Misconceptions About Non-Stick Cookware

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Non-stick cookware is a rage these days. It has been gaining popularity over traditional appliances because of the many benefits they possess, the most important being a non-sticky surface which helps food to cook quickly without sticking to the surface of the cookware. This makes it easy to clean non-stick cookware as it does not have food sticking to its surface which has to be scratched off the surface of traditional cookware. This is one of the most important reasons behind non-stick cookware gaining a secure place in the market.

14 Common Misconceptions About Non-Stick Cookware

But with all its benefits, non-stick cookware has had its share of criticism as well. There are myths that have done the rounds about non-stick appliances that have turned out to be false. To help you elude these myths lest you get convinced, here are some of the misconceptions about non-stick cookware that make people hesitate from using them:

  1. The coating wears off easily

We are sure you would have heard of this one more than once. It is believed by many that the Teflon coating (most widely used non-stick coating) wears off after you use it many times. This is not true. The coating stays even after regular use and is durable enough to last long.

  1. Non-stick cookware is not healthy

This is absolutely false. In fact, it contributes to healthy living as it needs much less oil than traditional cookware. That, if anything, is just saving you and your family some extra kilos.

  1. It is not for serious cooking

This is a myth that needs serious correction. Why this rumour spread, nobody is sure but it has stuck on for much longer than it should have. Non-stick cookware is completely safe for regular cooking and is not limited to light cooking. You can cook your meals in non-stick cookware without worrying about your health or the durability of the appliance.

  1. All non-stick coatings are the same

It is a misconception that all non-stick coatings are the same. Coatings such as Teflon have been proved to be of a better quality and last longer than other non-stick coatings. So, before buying your appliance, do check what kind of coating it has on its surface.

  1. Food may get stuck on textured bottom

If anything, the food you cook in non-stick utensils is easily released as it has little contact with the surface. So, the food does not get stuck to the base. Textured pans are as convenient as any other non-stick utensil.

  1. It is difficult to remove burned food from non-stick pan

This is wrong information. As we know that the surface of the utensil has a non-stick coating, any burned food can be very easily removed from the utensil and trust us, no damage is caused to the coating due to the sticking of burned food. The coating does not wear out; rather, the utensil is much easier to clean than a common utensil.

  1. You cannot use metal utensils on non-stick coatings

You can easily do the said thing without worrying about the coating or the food being cooked. None of them get affected because you are using metal utensils on non-stick coatings.

  1. Storing food in a non-stick cookware is harmful

There is no such repercussion. You can store any type of food in a non-stick utensil and keep it in your refrigerator. Non-stick coating does not have any effect of the quality of food at any temperature.

  1. Baking in a non-stick cookware is not a good thing

This is again a rumour. There is no harm in baking in a non-stick utensil. It won’t mess with your cake or any other thing that you are cooking.

  1. Weight of the pan does not affect the life of the coating

A logical explanation would be that the depth and thickness of the utensil WILL affect the life of non-stick coating as it will determine the amount of heat that the coating has to bear.

  1. Non-stick coating can only be black

While most non-stick coatings used on the inside of the utensils are usually black, they come in different colours such as red, gold, purple and blue. So don’t run away if you see a non-stick coating which is not black; it will work just the same as black coating.

  1. A scratched surface leaves the utensil useless

Even if the coating develops a scratch, it does not mean that the utensil is rendered useless and cannot be brought to further use. You can use it without worrying about any harmful effects.

  1. Accidently swallowing non-stick coating can be harmful

This is probably the reason behind other myths that have cropped up about non-stick cookware. Non-stick coating has been tested to be free of any harmful substances that would harm your body if swallowed accidently. So, a scratch on the surface of a non-stick utensil will not have any negative effect on your food and body.

  1. Non-stick coatings and PFOA are the same things

Non-stick coatings have been tested in labs to be free of PFOA and possess no harmful chemicals that would adversely affect your body.

Non-stick cookware is a safe and easy way to get your food ready. As the utensil requires very little oil, your food is high on health and low on fat and carbs which is definitely a good thing for you and your family.

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